Maarten Baas 141 stackable chairs and 901 barstools in oak

Ufo meeting table sqaure combined with 141 Stackable Maarten Baas Chairs in oak

Project Aidsfonds Amsterdam
Architect Hollandse Nieuwe Architects
Furniture Lensvelt Contract Furniture
Photography Ewout Huibers
Location Amsterdam

The new Aidsfonds interior embodies the celebration of love through the connotative rainbow gathering space. Aidsfonds is a special organization that is housed in a unique building located on the canal in the city center of Amsterdam. The Aidsfonds employees have been creating history there for 25 years fighting against AIDS. The executive decision to relocate from the heart of the city, a symbolically thriving place for the LGBT community to Sloterdijk in the west, was met with mixed feelings. Whilst in ways the atmosphere of the current location would never be surpassed, there was a lot of new opportunity and celebration to be gained within in the new location.

tekst 1

Desks and office chairs from The Boring Collection

Maarten Baas 901 barstools 75 cm high

Upholstered Bucket Chairs

Maarten Baas barstools are placed at a high workbench

The inspirational color palette for the working environment and meeting rooms was determined together with Aidsfonds, through an extensive study on color symbolism and meaning. Colors such as orange, soft pink, blue and green are prevalent on the two floors rented by firm in Quarter Avenue. The effect these colors have on different materials and surfaces gives each space a unique quality and richness. The choice of furniture, created in collaboration with Hans Lensvelt, plays a significant role in the colorful environments and has resulted in special editions of the Maarten Baas collection.

tekst 2

Bucket chairs in a pink conference room with a pink workbench