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AVL Glyder Pouf 85

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1.080,00 Excluded VAT

Ottoman that accompanies the Glyder Sofa

Article number jl0160
Upholstered(see downloads for fabric categories)
-C.O.M 2,0 m1
Width85 cm
Depth85 cm
Height40 cm
Seat height40 cm
The Story

Glyder Pouf

The AVL Glyder pouf, designed by Atelier van Lieshout, is part of a modular sofa system which consists of a sofa (in three sizes) and ottoman (in two sizes). The AVL Glyder offers numerous possibilities, making it a versatile choice for domestic, corporate and outdoor settings. The pouf complements the Glyder family as elements without the backrest offering extra seating possibilities in living/lounge or working spaces without visible intrusion. Available in an assortment of upholsteries.

Glyder Story

Once at an atelier visit, Hans Lensvelt had spoken to a coworker of AVL, who told him that the name Glyder actually derived from free condoms. The Keileweg (road) where AVL is located was previously a spot for hookers, controlled by the municipality.  As here, free condoms were distributed with the name: Glyders. AVL Glyder series has since been a sofa with a double meaning: In addition to the sliding back, it has a sliding name – depicting the sleek look of the sofa’s elements. 

Atelier van Lieshout

Joep van Lieshout is a sculpture, visionary and artist.  He has acquired international fame with both autonomous work as well as commissioned work, within all aspects of art, design and architecture. His style is often characterized as quick, bold and eccentric. Van Lieshout’s friendship with Hans Lensvelt dates way back as they both share complementary visions and a similar outlook on life. Atelier van Lieshout (AVL) has designed many special and desired products for Lensvelt which are often seen as modern classics. Joep van Lieshout/AVL, have created a rich ouvre of sculptures and installations, buildings and furniture classified both as utopias and dystopias. His work is characterized by a number of recurring themes, motives and obsessions such as: systems, power, autarky, life, sex and death.

The art pieces and installations are exhibited in museums and galleries worldwide – from the MOMA in New York, the Hayward Gallery in London right down to Centre Pompidou in Paris… and the Lensvelt’s Design experience in Breda.


Here you can download our product related files. 3D files are also available in our Lensvelt SketchUp 3D Warehouse. 3D Files
20200929185332_STOFFENKAART_Categorie1.pdf Fabric category 1
20210712120949_STOFFENKAART_Categorie2_72dpi.pdf Fabric Category 2
20210712121347_STOFFENKAART_Categorie3_72dpi.pdf Fabric category 3
20210520150320_STOFFENKAART_Categorie4-nieuw.pdf Fabric category 4
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AVL Glyder sofa_ with movable loose armrest left

AVL Glyder sofa_ with movable loose armrest in the middle

AVL Glyder sofa_ with movable loose armrest right

AVL Glyder_ pouf

AVL Glyder sofa 190_ Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

AVL Glyder sofa 240_ Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

AVL Glyder sofa 240 and pouf_ Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

AVL Glyder sofa 240_ Lensvelt Loft in Antwerpen

Office_Synchroon Space Encounters

AVL Glyder sofa's_ at exhibition Infernopolis, Rotterdam

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