NEW: Tank Chair

Newsletter 01-09-2021

Building beyond boundaries

Newsletter 26-08-2021

AVL Lazy Modernist in the ten statement lounge chairs from Dezeen Showroom


The Cane Divan and three cultural hotspots that are (or were) the hit of the summer

Newsletter 23-06-2021

Sony Music Office in Amsterdam

@Archello 6 June 2021

FD Update

Een feest voor het personeel

The launch of the Open Desk concept in the USA, our D-Chair and an award-winning project Forum Groningen

Newsletter 18-05-2021

Interview Hans Lensvelt in DAMN Magazine


FD Persoonlijk, May 1st, 2021


Interior Business Magazine

Hans Lensvelt over de toekomst van werkplekken, werkprocessen en inrichten

HOME OFFICE DESIGN GUIDE & new project Brand New Day by Chris Burghard (Èmcé-interior)

Newsletter 11-03-2021

The solution to your Home Office & our new online outlet shop

Newsletter 19-01-2021

Work-from-home office desks and chairs to mix and match

created by designers like Piet Hein Eek, Studio Job among others

Project Axel Springer in Berlin, the Lazy Modernist applied in a private cinema and our latest collection: the Aluminum Series

Newsletter 15-12-2020

..during Design Open 2020 and a sustainable project by Ex Interiors: Triodos Bank

Newsletter 23-10-2020

Glue Amsterdam Design route and we are shortlisted for Dezeen Awards 2020: Sustainable Design

Newsletter 17-09-2020

Lensvelt & Friends Live interview @ VDF // Dezeen

Newsletter 06-07-2020

Spaces Dedicated Desk - Maarten Jamin

Newsletter 04-06-2020

Virus work screen - Van Eijk & Van der Lubbe

Newsletter 19-05-2020

Virusvrije werkplek van lensvelt is veilig én fraai

Design Digger 05-2020

Interview with Hans Lensvelt

Interior Business 05-2020

A flashback to Salone Del Mobile 2017

Newsletter 25-04-2020

A flashback to Salone del Mobile 2016

Newsletter 23-04-2020

A flashback to Salone Del Mobile 2013

Newsletter 21-04-2020

Elle Decor - Italy 04-2020

Throwback Salone del Mobile @ Instagram

Elle Decoration - Czech Republic // Spring 2020

Lensvelt's Design Farm in Belgium

Quote Magazine 11-2019

Lensvelt's Design Farm in Belgium

Volkskrant Magazine 08-2018

Studio Job Buffet

Innovation Powerhouse @DEZEEN 09-2018

Glyder sofa - Atelier van Lieshout

ArchitectuurNL - Burgerweeshuis 02-2018

ExInteriors - Lensvelt

DAMN Magazine - Productivity 11/12-2017

Rijnstraat 8 - OMA

Kazerne Expo - Eindhoven 07-2017

May I Have Your Attention, please? #Maartenbaas

Reportaje Design Art 06-2017

Maarten Baas 101 Chair

DAMN Magazine - Special Light 05/06-2017

Hand-blown lighting objects by Caroline Pirsse

Elle Decoration - Netherlands 06/07-2017

Maarten Baas 101 Chair

AZURE "make it weird" 06-2017

Maarten Baas 101 Chair

Design Special 05-2017

The Best of Salone 2017

Trends Style 04-2017

Maarten Baas 101 Chair

NRC - chair with 8 diffrent backshapes 04-2017

Maarten Baas 101 Chair 04-2017

Best of Milaan Design Week 2017

Volkskrant Magazine 04-2017

Shaker Chair - Atelier van Lieshout

Baunetz - Dear Magazine 04-2017

Maarten Baas 101 Chair

De Architect 04-2017

Salone Milaan 2017: Lensvelt is de nieuwe Droog

Architectenweb 04-2017

NL in Milaan 2017: Maarten Baas

RTL Nieuws 04-2017

Baas is de baas bij Milano Design Awards

AZURE Magazine 04-2017

The Very Best of Milan Design Week 2017 04-2017

Maarten Baas flikt het 'm weer…in Milaan

VIP Opening ALL NEW Milaan

Newsletter 09-04-2019

ALL NEW presents FIVE & New Chesterfield

Newsletter 10-04-2019