BULBS by Caroline Prisse nominated for the German Design Awards.

BULBS by Caroline Prisse nominated for the German Design Awards.


The German Design Council, the expert for brand and design in Germany, bestows the German Design Award. Commissioned by the highest authority to represent new developments in the German design industry. Established on the initiative of the German Bundestag (the lower house of German parliament) as a foundation in 1953, it supports the industry in all matters consistently aimed at generating an added brand value through design. As a result, the German Design Council is one of the world’s leading competence centres for communication and brand management in the field of design. The exclusive network of foundation members includes in addition to designers and design associations, in particular the owners and brand directors of numerous renowned companies.

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BULBS by Caroline Prisse

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Available in the Lensvelt Webshop: BULBS. A range of unique hand-blown light objects created by artist Caroline Prisse.

Caroline Prisse Lensvelt Bulbs


Caroline Prisse is an artist and director of Van Tetterode Glass Studio in Amsterdam since 2014. She studied art and then glass at the Rietveld Academy and exhibited in Musee Wurth Strassbourg, Corning Museum New York and Gemeentemuseum Den Haag. Her most famous piece is probably the glass house she made for the Municipal Museum in The Hague. The museum purchased seven pieces of it. The “Seated Garden” is also a well-known work of Prisse. It’s an object whose sitting function is replaced by small herb gardens in glass jars that are blown directly into the seat itself.

Most proud is Caroline of being a successful director of Tetterode Glass Studio. The workshop had a period were business was a little less, but recently the studio goes forward in full speed again. Prisse: “A combination of true craftsmanship, artistry and close collaborating with other artists, designers and architects, to find the best solution and a renewal with glass that fits in this time.”

Feats: recently Corning Museum of New York bought a scale of Petra Blaise (known for work Inside Outside) from Van Tetterode. The glass studio produced the walls of the Willem II tunnel in Tilburg, and manufactured 11 giant mirrors for the renovated Dampassage (between New Market and Dam, near De Bijenkorf) in Amsterdam.



The light objects BULBS are not perfectly round, and each lamp has a handmade dimple. “I love things that are not perfect. The dimple is sympathetic, and makes the objects look human,” says artist Caroline Prisse.

Hans Lensvelt was touched when he saw the light objects while visiting Van Tetterode Glass Studio. And thought they would perfectly fit into its portfolio of products.

Bulbs production process van Tetterode Caroline Prisse Lensvelt 2


The light objects BULBS are produced in the Van Tetterode Glass Studio, glassware place in Amsterdam. Since 1919, famous Dutch artists like Jan Wolkers, Karel Appel, Constant, Corneille, Joep van Lieshout, Wieki Somers and Petra Blaisse find their way to this for Europe unique company.

Hans Lensvelt: “Van Tetterode really is a great company with a unique knowledge and unique skills. We need to carefully conserve this type of business for Amsterdam. It’s like the extinction of a species: gone is gone and what is gone, never come back. And that’s a shame. “



Hans Lensvelt is a cultural entrepreneur. His passion is beauty. With his company Lensvelt produces interior objects designed by the most  remarkable artists, architects and designers. With his furniture, Lensvelt wants to make the perfect tools for architects and interior designers to do their work well and make better and cooler interiors. The products are selected on functionality, sobriety and beauty.

The Gallery of Lensvelt Contract is located at Herengracht 178 in Amsterdam. Here is a monthly changing exhibition with objects that are carefully curated by Hans Lensvelt.

Lensvelt is a company that is convinced of the power of locally produced goods and services and strongly believes in loyal neighborship.

Lensvelt Contract is a NON-design Amsterdam based furniture label established in 1962.
Lensvelt provides architects & interior designers with the tools to make cooler and better interiors.
Lensvelt contributes to the cultural community.
Lensvelt wants to contribute to a new world: greener, better, more social and more beautiful.
The Lensvelt products are designed by the most remarkable and innovative artists, architects and product designers as Marcel Wanders, Bertjan Pot, Maarten Baas, Atelier Van Lieshout, Nina Graziosi, Maarten Van Severen, Paolo Rizzatto, Richard Hutten, Ineke Hans, Piet Hein Eek, Studio Job,
WH Gispen, Caroline Prisse, Space Encounters, Wiel Arets, Prast Hooft, Simo Heikkila
and Gerrit Rietveld.

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