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Boring Collection_ Visitor chair, left

Project burgerweeshuis, amsterdam
bpd Bouwfonds property development, amsterdam

Interior architect Ex interiors B.V., Odette Ex
Furniture Lensvelt Contract Furniture and other brands like: Carl Hansen, Danskina, Artek, Cassina, Vitra, Norr11, Nestor & Rotsen
Photography Roos Aldershoff

Area developer BPD acquires 150 employees and moved into the former Burgerweeshuis (1960) designed by Aldo van Eyck in Amsterdam. The national monument was renovated by Wessel de Jonge Architects, after which Ex Interiors constructed their new interior. By transforming the building, a new dimension has been added honoring the original design.

Transforming the new interior layer, which once was a former orphanage into a comfortable workplace. The interior has been considered as a new element that has been added to the national monument. The sleek and sober design fits in seamlessly with the strict rhythms, spatial planning and dimensions of the existing architecture, creating a self-evident unity.

All workplaces are equipped with furniture that fits the look and feel of the austere architecture. In order to provide the workplaces with the necessary (visual and acoustic) shelter without disturbing the spatiality of the architecture, screens have been designed that further divide the space through the filing cabinets. The materialization and lines of these screens refer to the original permanent furniture of the “Burgerweeshuis”. Modular, leather seating elements are placed in the sitting pit, that match the color of the wood present and the pure appearance of the concrete.

tekst 1

Boring Collection_ developed by Lensvelt and Space Encounters

AVL Office chair

Boring Collection_ Task chair

Boring Collection_ Boring Desk

Lensvelt furniture dealer provided other great brands

Lensvelt furniture dealer_ supplied own brand and other brands like Carl Hansen

AVL Presidential Chairs

As furniture dealer Lensvelt supplied brands like: Arco, Danskina ,Vitra, Carl Hansen en Cassina

Lensvelt furniture dealer_ supplied own brand and other brands like Rietveld