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Masterclass Milaan '17; an outlook to expression in uniformity

Lensvelt is producer of a substantial part of the collection of the Flemish designer Maarten van Severen (1956 – 2005). His pieces are renowned and appreciated all over the world because of their unique materials, quality and finish. Van Severen died in 2005. He was a personal friend of Hans Lensvelt.

The collection of Maarten van Severen has been officially launched September 2013 in Amsterdam, in the canal house of Lensvelt at Herengracht 178. The furniture was presented in a state-of-the-art 3D installation especially designed by OMA, the architectural firm of Rem Koolhaas.

Together, OMA, Maarten van Severen and Hans Lensvelt have realised the interior of the Seattle Central Library and the Dutch embassy in Berlin.Van Severen has created several interiors for OMA, such as the Lemoine house in Bordeaux and Villa Dall’ Ava in Paris.

Van Severen designed his first furniture pieces in 1986 and established an independent workshop in Gent, where he pursued the limited, semi-industrial production of his own furniture designs.

This unified process of design and production was a fundamental aspect of his work over a long period of time, in which he devoted himself to the examination of basic furniture types: chair, table, chaiselongue, shelving, cabinet. He developed primary solutions for these categories based on a comprehensive exploration of the questions of form, material and construction.

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Masterclass Atelier Van Lieshout

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Normann Copenhagen launch at Lensvelt

This party was held at Lensvelt HUB Amsterdam on occasion of the launch of the Form Chair of Danish brand Normann Copenhagen in Holland. Form Chair was exposed at Lensvelt gallery during July 2015. Designer Simon Legald from Copenhagen did a lecture and afterwards 40 guests with a profession in interior or architecture had dinner together. Hosts: Gerard van Vliet and Hans Lensvelt.

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EENMAAL pop-up restaurant

Het eerste eenpersoonsrestaurant ter wereld, een project van Marina van Goor, streek neer in de Lensvelt HUB in Amsterdam, in een omgeving geheel ingericht met Studio Job meubilair. De tafeltjes in het pop-up restaurant Eenmaal zijn zo gemaakt dat maar één persoon eraan kan zitten. De Eenmaal-ervaring begon met een cocktail. In het barretje konden gasten elkaar ontmoeten voordat ze naar hun eenpersoonstafel gebracht werden. De gasten werden verzocht hun telefoons weg te leggen tijdens het eten, waardoor ze extra konden genieten van het heerlijke, speciaal geselecteerde driegangen menu. In een van Amsterdams iconische grachtenpanden heeft ontwerper Job Smeets een eigentijdse sfeer gecreëerd met meubilair van Studio Job. Het idee achter het restaurantconcept is het wegnemen van het taboe rond alleen uit eten gaan. Gezien het succes dat het restaurant het afgelopen jaar heeft gehad, lijkt dit aardig te lukken.

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Maarten Van Severen- Addicted to every possibility

“I liked Maarten very much. I had a powerful bond with him. His passion really was his work as a designer and as an artist. His approach to that work was extremely conscientious. Absolutely uncompromising. Doing something ten times over – coming up with ten alternatives – was better than settling for something that wasn’t perfect.

What makes Maarten’s collection so special is his use of materials for specific applications that no one had thought of before. And not just one material.
It could be bakelite or saddle leather or another type of leather – or aluminium or wood or steel. Whatever it was, he always managed to get out of a material all that was conceivably possible.

I’ve included the collection in our product line because I think the aesthetic quality of these designs is incredibly good. I think they’re beautiful, and my personal definition of ‘beautiful’ is ‘in proportion’. Everything in the collection is precisely proportioned.

We were real buddies. True friends. It’s good to have a chance to do something like this. He died far too young, of course. Because of that, we’re unable to see and experience the many designs that he definitely would have made had he lived longer. It’s indescribably sad.

I am grateful for the beautiful work Chris van Duijn of OMA did for the relaunch of the Maarten Van Severen Collection. It was very special to work with Chris again. He did an amazing job. I also want to thank Marij De Brabandere and the Maarten Van Severen Foundation for the friendship, the good vibes and the great support.
I hope together we can conserve some of the beauty Maarten created – and pass it on to the next generation.”

Maarten Van Severen flanked by Hans Lensvelt (right) and Chris van Duijn from OMA architects (left), working together on a shelving system for books at Seattle Central Library (March 2004).

Hans Lensvelt Amsterdam, March 2014

Download hier het boek Maarten Van Severen-Addicted to every possibility.

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Breda Office

Het bedrijfsgebouw van Lensvelt staat parallel aan de snelweg A27.

Aan de zuidzijde is de bedrijfsruimte. De gevels zijn opgebouwd uit verdiepingshoge glazen U-profielen en lichtgrijze aluminium gevelbeplating, inclusief de draaibare deur van de nooduitgang.  Het noordelijk gedeelte wordt doorsneden door een onderdoorgang en patio. Hier steken aan weerszijden volumes uit de gevel. Aan de oostzijde zweven deze gevels boven de publieksentree en de vergaderruimte van de eerste verdieping.

Op speciaal verzoek van Hans Lensvelt is door Wiel Arets in het midden van het pand een patio bedacht. Aan de linkerkant van de patio grenzen de showroom, receptie en kantine, met aan de rechterkant een enorme opslagruimte. Boven liggen aan beide kanten van de patio kantoren.

West 8 ontwierp de tuinen bij het bedrijfsgebouw.

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Pictures Milan 2014

Pictures by Jan Willem Kaldenbach

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Lensvelt will present two films about Maarten Van Severen at Triennale di Milano.

LaTriennale orizz





Film #1, ‘Maarten Van Severen. Works’ is shown daily on a big screen, free for visitors of Salone del Mobile.

Film #2 is shown in an exclusive avant premiere on thursday night 10 April and is on invitation (free admission, for reservations mail to g.flor@lensvelt.nl).



‘Maarten Van Severen. Works’
Terenja Van Dijk; Moniek Bucquoye 2005








In what would be the last year of his life, Maarten Van Severen gave an interview in his Studio, which is the basis for the film ‘Maarten Van Severen. Works’ by Terenja van Dijk. The encounter with the flemish furniture maker reveals the way he thinks, lives, collects, designs and makes.

Triennale di Milano, Teatro dell’ Arte

7 April: 15:00 press preview; 8, 9, 11 April: 12:00 /15:00 / 19:00 10 April: 12:00 / 15:00 / 18:00; 12, 13 April: 15:00 / 19:00



‘Maarten Van Severen: addicted to every possibility’ Moon Blaisse
Jules Debrock & Moon Blaisse / Pain Perdu productions 2014







An impressive movie about the flamboyant personality of the Flemish craftsman. ‘Maarten Van Severen: addicted to every possibility’ is a film by Moon Blaisse, who reconstructs his tumultuous life by following his four talented sons.

10 April: avant premiere at Triennale di Milano, Teatro dell’ Arte. Start 19:30, screening 20:00 h. Free admission by reservation only: g.flor@lensvelt.nl

location triennale di milano

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Woensdag Gehaktdag met Modular

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Amsterdam Office

De Lensvelt HUB is gevestigd in een 17de eeuws grachtenpand aan de Herengracht 178 in Amsterdam. In het pand zijn installaties, exposities en producten te zien van OMA, de Maarten van Severen Foundation, Richard Hutten, Atelier Van Lieshout, Ronald Hooft, Poltronova, Pastoe, Canoof, Dtile, Dline, Dacks, Zazza. Muurschilderingen zijn gemaakt door Jeroen Klaver alias Shamrock.

Fotografie: Roos Aldershoff.

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BOEK : Sala Cenacolo

“Sala Cenacolo” is de naam van de historische zaal in het Museum of Science and Technology, waar Lensvelt tijdens de beurs Salone del Mobile in 2013 een presentatie gaf met Studio Job. Tijdens deze expositie werd het witte meubilair uit de serie Job Office gepresenteerd.

Download hier het boekje Sala Cenacolo.

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BOEK : Furnication


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Beefeater Party at Lensvelt

Ter gelegenheid van het uitkomen van de Beefeater tafel van Bertjan Pots organizeerde Lensvelt een VIP feestje voor Pot kenners.

Op de splinternieuwe Beefeater tafels werd rundvlees van een hoge kwaliteit geserveerd.

Watch the Beefeater video here.

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CV Hans Lensvelt

I was born on the 8th of December1959 in Oosterhout, in the Netherlands.
The oldest of five. In the official residence of Galvanitas. A factory for school furniture.
My father was the Manager.


In 1962 he started his own company.
Although very young, I wanted to follow my father into the business. I dreamed of doing the same thing as my father.
The creation of interior solutions with something innovative and with an aesthetic quality, beautiful and perfectly made.


In 1985, after studying Business Administration from the HTS in Tilburg, I was in doubt what I should do.
Start studying at the Technical University, to become a builder or an architect, or to join the family business.
The company won!

My personal ambition is not managing a company: Discussions with banks, accountants, lawyers, consultants, etc.
Not my thing. I am a true entrepreneur. I love to start new businesses. I have started many.

Another is a sheet metal production plant in Shanghai, Working with a small motivated team.

The bar is still sky high. 16 hours a day. With humor. With pleasure. At least ten decisions a day!!!


The beauty is through my work I’m bridging the creative world and the business world. Great that I can realize the ideas of designers. Great that I can generate a source of income in the form of royalties for the designers and so they can develop themselves and that they can continue their important work. Great that I can make people happy and proud with my products. We create the most amazing products. Fantastic that I can offer my clients solutions for their needs and problems. I worked with, for instance, Wiel Arets, the architect of our headquarters built in 1997, also Rem Koolhaas, Maarten van Severen, Alain Berteau, Joep van Lieshout, Richard Hutten, Marcel Wanders, Diederik Fokkema, Eline Strijkers, Piet Hein Eek, Ronald Hooft, Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel of JOB Studio, Paolo Rizzatto, Francisco Gomez Paz and Fabio Novembre, really amazing for us all.

The last four years I have lived in Shanghai.
From 2006 until the end of 2010. Shanghai is the world’s most vibrant city.


My personal idea is to make beautiful things. a broad vision; To pile firewood, making brochures, trade shows, then a new product, a product launch, the Milan fair, the cultivation of my farm or my apartment.

It must always be beautiful to me. I enjoy developing new products that are ahead of their time. It should be beautiful, innovative, and it should work perfectly! Something un-Dutch. Universal.


I have nothing to do with reading books, or magazines, sports, television, cabaret, theater, cinema, holidays, music concerts, etc. I love other people. Love to talk, eat and drink with them .


The company Lensvelt: Lensvelt is a family business.

Founded by my father in 1962. In 1990 I took over the shares. My parents moved immediately after to Bonaire in the West Indies. And I could do my thing. The company was as an extremely fertile field. My father had done a good job. Only seeding was necessary to enlarge the success of it.


Hans x.

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Lensvelt manufactures innovative interior solutions for every work, play, relax and think space. To satisfy people and companies, to inspire architects and interior designers to do the unexpected, by working with the most remarkable artists, architects and product designers such as Richard Meier, Paolo Rizzatto, Richard Hutten, Piet Hein Eek, Maarten Van Severen, Wiel Arets, Marcel Wanders, Ronald Hooft, Diederik Fokkema, Gerard van den Berg, Studio Job, Atelier Van Lieshout, Nina Graziosi, Edward van Vliet, Bertjan Pot, Ineke Hans.

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Lensvelt Amsterdam
Herengracht 178
1016 BR Amsterdam
020 2218624
kantoor / gallery / ontmoetingsplek
info (at) lensvelt (dot) nl
Lensvelt showroom Breda
Minervum 7003
4817 ZL Breda
076 5722000
Open voor bezoekers van 9:00 tot 17:00
info (at) lensvelt (dot) nl
Lensvelt Contract B.V.RABO Bank 1359.87.474
IBAN: NL80RABO0135987474

KVK: 000025794183
VAT/BTW: 852026274.B01

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Bad Buiten

Op 28 april organiseerde Lensvelt het openingsfeest van een reeks evenementen, samengebracht onder de naam SALON. SALON is een tentoonstelling die wordt georganiseerd door Manon Schaap, Gijs Stork en Cathal Mc Kee, in samenwerking met andere Nederlandse ontwerpers en design merken. De evenementen brengen de stukken gepresenteerd tijdens de Milaan Design Week naar vele locaties in Amsterdam. Dit was de tweede editie. Het openingsfeest werd gehouden bij BadBuiten, een zwembad dat op de Amstel drijft.

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Lensvelt EH&I cocktailparty

Cocktailparty bij Lensvelt en Eigen Huis en Interieur op 10 april 2013in Sala Cenacolo, Museum of Science and Technology, Milan.

Het feestje werd gehouden ter ere van de tentoonstelling ‘My Nose My Stekkerdoos’  door Studio Job en Lensvelt.

Drie nieuwe Job Office meubels werden tijdens dit evenement uitgebracht: Job Buffet, Job Office Desk, and Job Office Desk Lamp.

Fotografie: Ilco Kemmere