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Chassé Theater

The foyer of the theatre features various relax furniture of Lensvelt label

Project Chassé Theater
Architect M+R interior architecture
Furniture AVL Glyder, Skull, This Chair, AVL Office chair, 4000 meeting table
Location Breda

To help realize Chassé Theater's dream of creating more vibrancy in the foyer, Lensvelt provided several in-house products in the summer of 2015. Based on the design of interior agency M+R interior architecture, a beautiful and light environment was created where people can connect, work and unwind. And all this while immersing themselves in the unique atmosphere of the theater.

Chassé Connect, as the new section of the Breda theater is called, offers seating for a variety of occasions. For example, there are zones to work in silence and AVL Skulls in which people can seclude themselves for maximum concentration. There are areas for groups to meet and collaborate, and various AVL Glyder sofas to relax on. You'll find both meeting rooms in intimate settings and areas for networking while enjoying a good cup of coffee or delicious lunch.

The theatrical atmosphere is reflected in a corresponding color palette and is further emphasized by the back wall of the foyer, which is covered with theater posters. All these elements together make Chassé Connect an inspiring and versatile place, which is sure to stimulate visitors' productivity and creativity.


AVL Glyder sofa_ enables people to network and relax

A large table with AVL Office Chairs_ make a great working area with a Skull for seclusion in the background

Walking down the stairs into a warm and fiercly red foyer

The many different furniture matches with the posters on the wall with a pop of red here and there

This 141 Chair_ and 4000 meeting table

The round poufs add for a playful touch