CV Hans Lensvelt

CV Hans Lensvelt

I was born on the 8th of December1959 in Oosterhout, in the Netherlands.
The oldest of five. In the official residence of Galvanitas. A factory for school furniture.
My father was the Manager.


In 1962 he started his own company.
Although very young, I wanted to follow my father into the business. I dreamed of doing the same thing as my father.
The creation of interior solutions with something innovative and with an aesthetic quality, beautiful and perfectly made.


In 1985, after studying Business Administration from the HTS in Tilburg, I was in doubt what I should do.
Start studying at the Technical University, to become a builder or an architect, or to join the family business.
The company won!

My personal ambition is not managing a company: Discussions with banks, accountants, lawyers, consultants, etc.
Not my thing. I am a true entrepreneur. I love to start new businesses. I have started many.

Another is a sheet metal production plant in Shanghai, Working with a small motivated team.

The bar is still sky high. 16 hours a day. With humor. With pleasure. At least ten decisions a day!!!


The beauty is through my work I’m bridging the creative world and the business world. Great that I can realize the ideas of designers. Great that I can generate a source of income in the form of royalties for the designers and so they can develop themselves and that they can continue their important work. Great that I can make people happy and proud with my products. We create the most amazing products. Fantastic that I can offer my clients solutions for their needs and problems. I worked with, for instance, Wiel Arets, the architect of our headquarters built in 1997, also Rem Koolhaas, Maarten van Severen, Alain Berteau, Joep van Lieshout, Richard Hutten, Marcel Wanders, Diederik Fokkema, Eline Strijkers, Piet Hein Eek, Ronald Hooft, Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel of JOB Studio, Paolo Rizzatto, Francisco Gomez Paz and Fabio Novembre, really amazing for us all.

The last four years I have lived in Shanghai.
From 2006 until the end of 2010. Shanghai is the world’s most vibrant city.


My personal idea is to make beautiful things. a broad vision; To pile firewood, making brochures, trade shows, then a new product, a product launch, the Milan fair, the cultivation of my farm or my apartment.

It must always be beautiful to me. I enjoy developing new products that are ahead of their time. It should be beautiful, innovative, and it should work perfectly! Something un-Dutch. Universal.


I have nothing to do with reading books, or magazines, sports, television, cabaret, theater, cinema, holidays, music concerts, etc. I love other people. Love to talk, eat and drink with them .


The company Lensvelt: Lensvelt is a family business.

Founded by my father in 1962. In 1990 I took over the shares. My parents moved immediately after to Bonaire in the West Indies. And I could do my thing. The company was as an extremely fertile field. My father had done a good job. Only seeding was necessary to enlarge the success of it.


Hans x.

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