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Ineke Hans

Ineke Hans had ambitions to become an autonomous artist, but soon realized that her focus was mostly on the element of human behavior. This is what has drawn her into creating, designing and exploring the psychological roots of furniture, products, spaces and exhibitions that involve the human aspect. Her stylistic distinction is playful and decorative. Working on a wide range of 3D projects. She started her design studio INEKEHANS/ARNHEM in 1998.

Forest for the Trees is a coat rack made of one flat metal plate. The first version of Forest for the Trees was made of MDF and was first shown at Ineke's presentation TRUE LIFE, Haags Gemeentemuseum (NL). The coat rack is included in the collection of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.


Club11 in Amsterdam Restaurant and coffee forest

Forest for the Trees is available in black, red and treebarkbrown.

Forest for the Trees presentation at Lensvelt, 2005

Since spring 2005 Forest for the Trees is produced by Lensvelt in metal.
Two parts ar cut by laser from flat steel. The branches are folded, the two tree-parts slide into eachother and finally epoxy-coated.

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