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Archeologie & Monumenten Delft

Maarten Baas 101 Chairs

The time line runs like a thread through the building

Project Archeologie & Monumenten 
Interior architect Studio Biek for Gemeente Delft
Location Kluizenaarsbocht 7 Delft
Photography Peter Brugmans 

Furniture W.H Gispen Easy Chairs and Maarten Baas 101 Chairs 

A merger of the Archaeology and Monuments departments was the reason for tackling the present Archaeology office located at Kluizenaarsbocht in Delft. A temporary interior for the next four years and a limited budget were given as starting points.

Studio Biek came up with a colour plan that harmonised with the existing floor finishes in the corridors and offices. Furniture and materials were reused as much as possible in the workplace concept of activity-related work. 

The time line, designed by Marlieke Kroon, runs like a red thread through the building, connecting the Archaeology and Monuments departments.

Lensvelt supplied the furniture W.H. Gispen Easy Chairs and the iconic Maarten Baas 101 Chairs. 


W.H. Gispen 301 Easy Chairs

The colour plan matches the existing floor finishes in the corridors and offices

Maarten Baas 101 Chairs