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…, Staat D-Chair Upholstered

…, Staat D-Chair Upholstered has a striking slim line with legs that look like fragile insect feet. Together with a handy handle and coat hanger processed in the frame. D-Chair is a timeless, contemporary chair with a quirky joke.
D-chair is standard available in two versions. Frame black and steats in black stained and upholstered black. On request, the frame can be obtained in a desired NCS color and the seats with a desired upholstery.

Design: …, Staat (2017).

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Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

The Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam was reopened after years of renovation in 2012, and since then it is once again the pride of the city. Lensvelt has supplied furniture at the shop museum, entrance hall and founders room, designs by Joep van Lieshout, Richard Hutten, Mark van der Gronden and Paolo Rizzatto.
The prominent red Superonda banks of Poltronova in the Blikvangers space are also supplied by Lensvelt Contract.

Since September 2017 people can now meet in the hall of the museum and take a seat on one of the lounge armchairs, either the WH Gispen 301 Easy Chair or WH Gispen 302 Easy Chair of Lensvelt Contract, even if they do not want to visit the museum that day. It contributes to the concept that the main hall of the Stedelijk is more than just a space for visitors to be directed to on the way to the exhibition halls, it is a meeting place or the people of Amsterdam and those visiting it.
The Gispen Easy Chair is also called the Triennial chair, after the Milan Triennial where Model 302 received an award in 1954. The successful Model 302, with a steel wire frame, was designed by Gispen for Kembo at that time. With the acquisition of Kembo in 2014, Lensvelt gained the exclusive rights to produce seven of W.H. Gispen’s most iconic design from the fifties. One of them is this Gispen Easy Chair, on which visitors of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam can now relax or drink coffee, sitting at a matching W.H. Gispen Coffee Table. Lensvelt also supplied furniture from the No Sign Of Design collection by Richard Hutten. It is currently in the entrance area and will move to the new library in spring 2018.

Architects: Benthem Crouwel Architects, www.benthemcrouwel.nl ,
Gonny van de Moosdijk, www.basicsatall.com
Photographer: Roos Aldershoff, G.J. van Rooij (images Collection).



Gustavino Amsterdam

Between the office buildings on Amsterdam’s South Axis is located Gustavino Restaurant & Vinoteca. The space is impressive (the ceiling is seven and a half meters high) and decorated with a copper bar, white marble kitchen and chandeliers of bike lights.

In many reviews about the food at this restaurant, people also talked about the Lensvelt comfortable, luxurious seats PH1 Chair. The base is made of galvanized steel, and the raw seat is upholstered in leather. In the case of Gustavino the designer duo & Prast & Hooft chosen a supple leather in olive oil, chocolate and cream colors.

Architects: & Prast & Hooft, www.prasthooft.nl
Photgrapher: Roos Aldershoff.


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42workspace Rotterdam

Ohad Gilad, founder of 42workspace and managing partner of main investor Keadyn, says, “Startups require a lot more than just an office, fast wifi and good coffee. We offer an international network of startups, investors, and other partners who can give ‘our’ startups a boost. It’s crucial to have the right connections, particularly in the early stages of a startups. 42workspace provides tech-entrepreneurs with precisely the environment they need in order to focus on what is most important: growth.”.

It can faciliate up to 60 young companies, with a total of 260 work spots. 42workspace Rotterdam facilitates everything a startup needs to succeed, so everyone can focus on their business instead of wasting time as office managers. Not only business facilities are provided.
De Boom elaborates that “work-life balance is practically nonexistent. However, we differentiate ourselves from ‘usual’ co-working spaces by taking this into account. It’s what we call: work, eat, play. What we offer our companies is a real, all-round home base. That way people can work out, eat lunch, have a beer, or even host an event, for instance.

The collaboration with Ohad Gilad, Anniek Roosenschoon, Gaston Heuts, Pim Schachtschabel and Ruben Cieremans is an inspiration for Lensvelt. Lensvelt provided the workstations with the 7100 tables and HG303 office chairs on the floors and also the green AVL Workbench table, the Made in The Workshop chairs by Piet Hein Eek and WH Gispen chairs on the ground floor.

Architect: Atelier Roosenschoon, www.atelierroosenschoon.nl

Speciale Projecten

CBS Heerlen



Speciale Projecten

KPMG Hoofdkantoor


Speciale Projecten

Mexx Design Centre Amsterdam

To meet a growing need for space, the international fashion group Mexx bought the former headquarters of Nissan in 2000 and transformed it into the home of some four hundred fashion designers in a record time of five months. The London office Sevil Peach developed the interior concept, which is characterized by a relaxed mix of business-tailored workplaces and informal meeting and meeting rooms.

In the seventies the Indian Rattan Chadha started selling fabrics in the Netherlands. In 1980 he also started to produce clothing for dealers under the brand names Mustache and Emanuelle. From 1986, the company operated under the name Mexx and began international expansion with wholesalers, own stores and an internet store. Despite the enormous growth of the multinational, the company culture remained informal, partly due to the personal involvement of Rattan Chadha. At the same time, he set high standards for his employees, of which he expected involvement and productivity. This company culture then translated the originally Turkish designer Sevil Peach into a tailor-made interior concept. A variety of functional workspaces are combined with homely elements such as comfortable sofas, a library with coffee corner and colorful meeting rooms with the well-known brands Vitra, Lensvelt and Moooi.

Architecten: Sevil Peach Gence Associates, www.sevilpeach.co.uk
Fotografie: Gary Turnbull


Speciale Projecten

Interpolis Tilburg



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Musis Sacrum Arnhem

Since 1847 there has been constant activity in and around the Musis Sacrum, with the concert hall and the surroundings taking on a range of forms that reflect the needs of its operators, city officials and residents. The project consists of the renovation of the existing monument and the new extension with the great hall and supportive functions.

The decoration in the public space is remaerkeable: beautiful wooden wall finishings, especially the lamellar wall decorations with green color schemes are striking. With a golden brown sheen, they are in harmony with the colors of the park. In the large entrance, the beige Portuguese slate concrete forms a beautiful contrast with six black leather AVL Glyder Poufs of 400 * 70 cm.

Underground the material use is aligned to the building, with a lot of clean concrete, extremely sober and tight. But it is richly filled with special and recognizable furniture lines. The office spaces are filled with Boring Program and Stealth Cabinets in Boring Gray. The dressing rooms are equipped with black AVL Visit Chairs in leather, with matte black four-piece chassis made to measure. The common living areas are decorated with black PH1 bar stools and AVL Office Chairs around the copper tables.

Architects: van Dongen-Koschuch, www.vd-k.eu
Photographer: Bart van Hoek

Maarten van Severen, mvs-projecten, Theaters

Casa da Musica Porto




MOTI Breda



Office, Speciale Projecten

OMA Rotterdam Office for Metropolitan Architecture

The head office of world-renowned architect Rem Koolhaas in Rotterdam is partly furnished with furniture by Lensvelt. The office of OMA (Office for Metropolitan Architecture) has been based in Rotterdam since 1981. The building has Stealth sliding doors, MOBP Office Chairs and That Chairs of Richard Hutten.

Architects: OMA, www.oma.eu
Photography: Frans Strous


Speciale Projecten

BNP Paribas Investment Partners

Fokkema & Partners Architects designed the interior for the new headquarters of BNP Paribas Investment Partners Nederland, previously Fortis Investments. The company settled in the Tripolis complex in Amsterdam. Tripolis’s towers have varying heights, roof terraces and an organic map that reminds of microorganisms or flowers.

The starting point for the interior design was therefore to respond to the richness of the design and to supplement and strengthen existing spatial qualities. The rooms are decorated with a lot of sober, tight white furniture from Lensvelt.

Architects: Fokkema & Partners Architecten, www.fokkema-partners.nl
Fotografie: Aemelie Deelder

Maarten van Severen, mvs-projecten, Scholen

Barlaeus Gymnasium Amsterdam



Asona Benelux


Speciale Projecten




Openbare Ruimtes

Public Library Amsterdam

On July 7, 2007 (07-07-07), the new main location was opened to the Amsterdam Public Library (OBA). The building was designed by architect Jo Coenen. In the building, both combined in the exterior and in the interior, are voltage, speed and peace. Lensvelt has a wide variety of workplaces and representative furniture delivered to the library.

Architects: Jo Coenen architect & urbanist, www.jocoenen.com

Photographer: Luuk Kramer


Speciale Projecten

Airport Schiphol VIP Centrum

The Airport Schiphol’s VIP-center opened in 2008 was designed by an army of Dutch designers including Joep van Lieshout, Piet-Hein Eek, Marcel Wanders, Studio Job and Edward van Vliet.
The interior of the VIP center at Schiphol was designed by the architectural firm Concrete. Lensvelt has made a major contribution to the VIP center, including AVL Shakers, AVL Office Chairs and the AVL Press Chair.

Architects: Concrete, www.concreteamsterdam.nl
Photography: Ewout Huibers



DMG Mandemakers Waalwijk

The head office and distribution center of De Mandemakers Group is located in Waalwijk. The building that was completed in May 2008 consists of an office of 15,000 m2 and a distribution hall of 42,000 m2.

The device realized by Lensvelt on a turnkey basis is an aesthetically responsible, high-quality and comfortable physical work environment with added value for the functioning of the organization.

Architect is Van Aken Architekten from Eindhoven. Architect Gert van den Hoven designed and developed the building. Interior architect Koen Mulder has devised and realized the interior together with Lensvelt and the customer.

Architects: Van Aken Archikten, www.vanakenarchitecten.nl
Photographer: Frans Strous.


Office, Speciale Projecten

OVG Real Estate