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Univar Antwerpen

Univar is a chemical distributor located in the district ‘t Eilandje in Antwerp. The design of this turnkey housing signed Dirk van Berkel; for the apparatus project designer Lensvelt.

They managed a warehouse in Antwerp to conjure a central office which symbolizes the change that Univar made. The new building must symbolize the new, progressive direction that has set the company.  The device is to a large extent determined by large, transparent conference room which is surrounded by fixed and flexible workstations.

Architect: Dirk van Berkel, www.dirkvanberkel.nl
Photographer: Frans Strous.



Van Abbemuseum





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Kennedy van der Laan Advocaten



Leidsche Rijn College

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Habraken Rutten Advocaten

Located on the 25th floor of the Millennium Tower in the center of Rotterdam, law firm Habraken Rutten opened their new office in the autumn of 2017.

A 360° view over the city of Rotterdam provides a spectacular backdrop to the office interior. It forms an essential part of the design. Views are captured in urban window frames at the end of each corridor, emphasizing the qualities of the city. The structural character of these views make the plan easy to read and without complexities. The solid building core is perforated with a variety of connecting axes, making the floorplan more transparent and efficient. Large scale pivoting doors make sure the office can be adapted to the appropriate situation when needed, without losing its transparency.

Although the interior may be serene at first glance, the tactile use of worn materials form a rich contrast throughout the office. By adding a refined and balanced lighting plan, the Habraken Rutten office transforms itself in the nightly hours, far from being a standard office. The interior design carries the new, strong signature of Habraken Rutten, taking care of the smallest details.

Following Fokkema & Partners’ design and in cooperation with project management Gastonomy Project Innovation, Lensvelt Contract supplied furniture products from various international and well-known brands, including Vitra Eames chairs.

Architecten: Fokkema & Partners Architecten, www.fokkema-partners.nl
Project management: Gastonomy Project Innovation, www.gastonomy.nl
Photography: Sebastian van Damme


Valid Eindhoven

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Airport Schiphol Holland Boulevard Fase 3

NEXT architects were asked to design the interior of the Holland Boulevard. The Holland Boulevard is the living area between Lounge 2 and 3 behind the passport control at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. This has been redesigned with custom furniture from Lensvelt, as part of the renewal process of Schiphol to increase the comfort and ease of travel for the passengers. Schiphol Airport is one of the largest and busiest airports in Europe. From 2016, Schiphol welcomes approximately 60 million travelers a year.

For travelers, waiting at Holland Boulevard can be a thrilling experience or a temporary retreat.The tight layout of the Dutch landscape makes it possible for travelers with little time to quickly get an overview of the whole landscape and get acquainted with Holland. On the other hand, a meandering path has been made that allows travelers to escape the flow of Schiphol. Travelers who stay longer can wander through the Dutch landscape and discover different places. To make the stay extra enjoyable, over 550 seats have been created, including comfortable sleeping areas. The Rijksmuseum Schiphol is the highlight of the Holland Boulevard: a cultural zone designed by NEXT where passengers can get to know Dutch culture and history. The pavilion forms a modern and innovative framework for the masterpieces that the Rijksmuseum displays at Schiphol. Realization 2017.

Architects: NEXT Architecs, http://www.nextarchitects.com


Unesco IHE Delft




Una Hotel Vittoria Florence


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Tso’ar Leidschendam



RTV Rijnmond





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Sony Music Entertainment

Sony Music Entertainment has always been located in Hilversum Media Park. But times are changing, and according to Sony Music Entertainment, this is no longer the place where a modern record company should be. In 2017 Sony Music Entertainment moved to Amsterdam’s A’DAM Tower.

Sony Music Entertainment Netherlands is one of the largest music and entertainment groups in the world, with international superstars under contract.

Space Encounters designed an interior that is a cool hangout for artists like to come and for the 40 employees of Sony Music in Amsterdam.

The colors gray and green, are the most prominent features in the headquarters of Sony Music. While work and play often mix in the music industry, they wanted to create two clear realms: with green for play / relaxation and gray for all the loose circular office furniture.

The Boring Collection from Lensvelt fits perfectly with the rugged concrete construction, which has been deliberately left in sight and plays an important role in the interior. With the gray powder coated steel archetypal Boring set # 1: a Boring desk, Boring Task Chair, Boring Bin and Boring Cabinet, a Sony employee creates a subdued but far from boring place where (s)he can work in concentration, with a view of the IJ.

For the green environment, Lensvelt supplied the ideal relax armchairs: the green upholstered AVL Lazy Modernists by Joep van Lieshout, supplemented with modern classics from the Lensvelt collection such as the Maarten Baas 101 Chair, AVL Office Chair, AVL Koker Chair, AVL SPR Cathedra Lounger, AVL Workbench, WH Gispen 205 Chair and Ronald Hooft PH1 Barstool.

Architects: Space Encounters, www.space-encounters.eu
Photography: Peter Tijhuis



Quion Rotterdam




OVSoftware Den Haag





Museum Boijmans van Beuningen


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Kazakhstan Almaty Esentai Tower Level 8

Lensvelt furniture is taking over the world. From the Lloydhotel in Amsterdam to the top of one of the highest towers of Almaty in Kazakhstan. In the offices on the eighth floor of the Essentai Tower people work seated on AVL Office Chairs.

Essentai Tower, which SOM Architects realized in 2008, now houses a star hotel, offices of various international companies and luxury apartments. Commissioned by project developer Capital Partners Kazakhstan, Delft-based Fokkema & Partners Architects has created an interior design for the offices of Level 8, the eighth floor of the tower. Their concept resulted in a flexible working environment which connects users and promotes co-working.

Partner at Fokkema & Partners, Marieke van Schaaijk: ‘The AVL Office Chairs fit perfectly with the requirements of the client: an international look and feel, mixed with Kazakh accents. Moreover, the desk and conference chair is simply beautiful, very comfortable, and adjustable in height.’

The architect chose two variants: an AVL Office Chair upholstered with leather of Ohmann and a variant upholstered with Kvadrat fabric.

Since then, the AVL Office Chairs of Lensvelt have been used to utmost satisfaction by an international motley crew of entrepreneurs, creatives, business people and consultants. Timeline: 2018.

Architecten: Fokkema & Partners, www.fokkema-partners.nl

Project management: Mehmet Ali Ozbek & Koblenz & Partner GmbH


Speciale Projecten

Hanzevast Capital

Commissioned by Hanzevast Capital, Vos Interior designed and realised the office. The staff are facilitated by a sleek, modern and high-quality work environment provided by Lensvelt.

Architects: Vos Interieur, www.vosinterieur.nl
Photgrapher: Roos Aldershoff.

Openbare Ruimtes


In the waiting area of the NOS in Hilversum stands red Lensvelt AVL Glyders. Designed by interior designers MVDG in cooperation with van Tellingen interiors.
Realisation 2012.

Architects: MVDG interieurarchitecten bv,  www.mvdgeest.nl , van Tellingen interieurs www.vantellingen.nl
Photographer: Michael van Oosten


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Nederlands Architectuur Instituut

Dutch Architecture Institute is a museum, archive, library and cultural platform together. There are important archives and collections of Dutch architects from 1800, that makes it accessible to the public.
Lensvelt delivered NABT Tables and AVL Shaker Chairs to the Dutch Architecture Institute.

Architects: Jo Coenen architect & urbanist, www.jocoenen.com
Photographer: Frans Strous.


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Regionaal Archief Alkmaar

The Regional Archive Alkmaar is a partnership of 13 municipalities in Noord-Kennemerland, West Friesland and the Kop of Noord-Holland and keep archival records, books, maps, photographs, films etc. They can consult free of charge all the documents in the archive.
Dirk van Berkel was the architect for the design and realisation of the new office for the archive. Lensvelt delivered customisation and own collection of representative furniture made of various programs, CHTH, AVL Office Chairs and Stealth Cabinets.
Realisation 2011.

Architects: Dirk van Berkel, www.dirkvanberkel.nl
Photographer: Bas de Melker.