AVL Skull

AVL Skull

AVL Skull is a strikingly designed one-person workstation. The object shows unmistakeable resemblance to the so-called Skull Rooms that Atelier van Lieshout designed at the end of the nineties. The AVL Skull is build out of two polyester skull parts, which are ‘riveted’ to each other with bolts. On the inside a solid wood work surface and a seat have been mounted, which are accessible via a small opening in the one side. Once inside, the user is closed off from the outside world, just like in the Skull Rooms, and can work on tasks that require more
concentration. The light falls inside through a narrow entrance and a ‘porthole’ on the other side.

Dimensions: 174 x 169 x 178 cm.

Design: Atelier van Lieshout (1998).

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