Binst Architects Antwerpen

Binst Architects Antwerpen

Luikstraat 7, an address with history. Built as a warehouse for rubber from Congo and from the end of October 2018 the new site for B brand, B 7 and Binst Architects.

Lensvelt has, among other things, supplied furniture to Binst Architects from its collection. Including Rick Minkes No Idea sofas in gray and black Richard Hutten This 101 Upholstered Chairs.

For the workplaces and consultation tables, a new table concept called FIVE was created according to B brand design. B brand is a design studio based in Antwerp, under the name of Binst Architects, which focuses in more detail on; branding, exhibition concepts, product development, the design of our own furniture design and exquisite interior design assignments on a private scale. Guided by the strategic thinking of a compact, strong team of interior architects and designers including Wim Heyninck, Ben Depuydt and Sebastiaan Delagrange and through visionary thinking, B brand delivers beautiful solutions based on results that inspire. A refined high-quality end product through powerful lines and a well thought-out design that reflects the soul of craft and honest materials. FIVE is a new, atypical table concept with five legs in collaboration with Lensvelt, a construction kit that can be used in different configurations. The odd number of legs forces an odd seat, whether it is table guests or the table serves as a desk for one. As a variant there is also the HIGH FIVE that is provided as bartable.

Realisatie 2018.
Architecten: Binst Architects,


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