Bleyenberg The Hague

Bleyenberg The Hague

C.A.J. Bleyenberg is the renowned Business leader of Kwantum Behang BV. In the 1980s and 1990s Kwantum provided wallpaper across the city of The Hague, led by John Bleyenberg.
Bleyenberg is a completely new catering and entertainment concept in the old Kwantum building on the Grand Market in The Hague. In addition to a restaurant, a coffee bar and a cocktail bar you can find meeting spaces, Het Magazijn nightclub and The Hague’s first real rooftop bar.

On the 1st floor the 320 m2 is divided into a reception room and 3 meeting rooms, with the largest able to accomodate up to 50 guests. In the canteen you will find many references to the old Kwantum past, and the different seating arrangements contribute to the laid-back vibe.

Take a seat on one of the several Maarten Baas 101 Chairs of Lensvelt which work beautifully in this interior. Supplemented with the old classics like Thonet and Castelli furniture.

Bleyenberg has the honor to open the very first, real rooftop bar in The Hague. From the 3rd floor you have great views of the Grand Market, the skyline and the rest of the city center.

Hidden in the basement of Bleyenberg you will find a new, intimate club where it’s about high quality electronic music.
Photographer: Patrick Meis


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