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The Boring Collection

Milan Design Week 2022 at Certosa Initiative.

We showed our timeless Boring Collection, which we developed with Beyond Space at the recent Design Week in Milan.
In the context of sustainability, we reintroduced The Boring Collection since it is highly durable, always applicable and stands the test of time.

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The Boring Collection_ meets the need for project furniture that fits any space

Boring Collection_ Milan Design Week 2022

Boring Collection_ Milan Design Week 2022


Boring Clock_ The function of a clock is to tell time; this is exactly what the Boring Clock intends to do


The Boring Collection is a joint effort between Beyond Space and Lensvelt and was created in 2016.

The collection is the result of discontent with the contemporary look and feel of project furniture. The Boring Collection does not pretend to be something it is not, because what you see is what you get.
Creating a more eye pleasing collection would become expensive or lead to needless compromises, therefore affordability is an essential aspect.

Boring grey

The collection is designed in an understated, simple, soft gray that reflects the pure essence of functionality. The muted gray tone gives the pieces the unique ability to completely blend into any environment. A curated series of understated furniture, whose modest appearance allows them to be present in the modern office without distraction.

Now that the traditional office no longer exists, it is time for furniture to catch up. The general workspace deserves affordable solutions that make interior design stand out and shine. Boring is a deceivingly simple design that can bring about great change.

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The concept_ at Milan Design Week consisted of a circular arrangement awash in paper trash

The Lensvelt crew_ wore traditional concierge dust coats

The result_ turning a stereotype into a playful and engaging experience

Miano Design Award 2016

The Boring Collection won the Milano Design award for best concept in 2016. According to the jury Lensvelt and Beyond Space created the best concept of all 1600 exhibitors.

The exhibition concept was developed in collaboration with students from KABK in The Hague. The project is a simple but effective conceptual innovation which starts from turning a stereotype into a playful and engaging experience.

Text - Miano Design award 2016

Lensvelt and Beyond Space_ awarded for best concept of all 1600 exhibitors.


Beyond Space

Architects Remi Versteeg and Stijn de Weerd of Beyond Space firmly believe architectural thinking applies well beyond matters of space. Drawing from a range of interests, disciplines, and experiences, they seek to forge new connections to allow for the unexpected.

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Beyond Space_ architects Stijn de Weerd and Remi Versteeg

Elho HQ_ an other project by Beyond Space showing the Boring Task Chair. Photo: Lorenzo Zandri


Sony Music Amsterdam_ Boring Cabinets function as room dividers and are a perfect backdrop for plants

The Boring Task Chair_ desks and low cabinets

Sony Music Amsterdam

architect: Beyond Space
photography: Peter Tijhuis

The floor plan of Sony Music places enclosed functions near the core, freeing the views from obstruction and allowing the concrete facade construction to claim the spotlight.

While in the music industry, work and play are very much intertwined, the design seeks to separate the two and give them their own space. This way, one can either be fully focussed at work or fully relaxed at play. The division is emphasized by creating a radical material palette for work and play: grey and green, and nothing in between.

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Boring Task Chair_ at a Boring desk


architect: Beyond Space
photography: Peter Tijhuis

The Synchroon office occupying the 14th floor of a recently-completed tower in central Utrecht features leafy partitions using over 750 plants throughout the entire office.

Attaining this open feeling requires specific interior strategies to overthrow the question if it really is an open space. Further separation is created between workspaces by the use of different furnishings, like the BORING OFFICE CHAIR placed behind the BORIG OFFICE DESK.

The studio arranged the workspace around a series of one-metre-high walls clad in white tiles.

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Synchroon_ Boring Collection desk, table and panel

Synchroon_ Boring Office Chair placed behind the Boring Office Desk


Forum Groningen_ A Boring desk from the Boring Collection is applied in the offices

Forum Groningen

architect: NL Architects
photography: Roos Aldershoff

NL Architects succeeded in designing a multifunctional complex in the center of Groningen, in collaboration with Prast & Hooft, de Munnik-de Jong-Steinhauser and NorthernLight. Since its opening in 2019, Forum Groningen has functioned as a 'city living room': a meeting place where various cultural functions come together and where everyone feels particularly welcome.  

Lensvelt contributed to the vibrant inner world of Forum Groningen by providing furniture that reflects the diverse character of both the city itself, the building and its visitors. A Boring desk from the Boring Collection is applied in the offices

Text Forum Groningen


Burgerweeshuis, Amsterdam_ Boring Collection, developed by Lensvelt and Beyond Space

Burgerweeshuis, Amsterdam

architect: Ex interiors B.V., Odette Ex
photography: Roos Aldershoff

Area developer BPD acquires 150 employees and moved into the former Burgerweeshuis (1960) designed by Aldo van Eyck in Amsterdam. The national monument was renovated by Wessel de Jonge Architects, after which Ex Interiors constructed their new interior.

In order to provide the workplaces with the necessary (visual and acoustic) shelter without disturbing the spatiality of the architecture, screens have been designed that further divide the space through the filing cabinets. Modular, leather seating elements are placed in the sitting pit, that match the color of the wood present and the pure appearance of the concrete.

Learn more about the project

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Burgerweeshuis, Amsterdam_ Boring Collection, Task Chair

Burgerweeshuis, Amsterdam_ Boring Collection, chair, desk and low cabinets


De Ploeg_ Boring Collection desk, table and panel

De Ploeg,  Bruns Bergeijk

architect: Atelier van Asseldonk 
Jan Willem Kaldenbach

Van Asseldonk’s work combines monumental, architectural proportions with high refinement and rich materials. 

This visual language was incorporated into the renovation of Rietveld’s factory building thanks to an earlier collaboration between Bruns and Van Asseldonk during the production of ‘The Allegory of the South’ in 2015.

In collaboration with Lensvelt, a special ‘De Ploeg’ collection has been developed for the lunch room in the building. Amongst other things: a chair, a bistro table and a sofa are produced by Lensvelt. The office is furnished with the Boring Collection and Rietveld originals can be found throughout the building.

Text about De Ploeg

Rietveld's factory building 'De Ploeg'