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The Lensvelt Gallery during Glue

Lensvelt was part of GLUE 2021:

A four-day design tour in Amsterdam

Lensvelt  launched a new chair in collaboration with Tank Interior Design Agency: a top-notch chair that stands out in seating pleasure and sustainability. Also on display is a collection of photographer JW Kaldenbach's finest photographs from the Lensvelt events, ranging from intimate dinners to award-winning shows in Milan.
Lensvelt is delighted to be able to show a preview of a selection of works from Atelier van Lieshout's new exhibition “Diorama”. With “WAR” a preview is given to what will officially open in November at Galerie Ron Mandos.
Advertising man and artist Erik Kessels released several new books.

Sanne Schenk and Tommy Kleerekoper of Tank Interior Design Agency created the Tank Chair together with Lensvelt

The Lensvelt presentation during Glue 2021

Photographer JW Kaldenbach shows a cheerful compilation from more than 30,000 photographs of the many Lensvelt events he captured over the years

Lensvelt is happy to be able to show WAR: a preview for Atelier Van Lieshout's solo exhibition on the same theme that will open at Galerie Ron Mandos in November

Erik Kessels launched several new books at the Lensvelt Gallery during Glue