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PH1 Chair & PH1 Barstool - The New Generation: optimal comfort
Meet the PH1 Chair & Barstool, a blend of industrial style and unparalleled comfort. This combination of style and functionality is designed to enrich any space. From contemporary restaurants to modern industrial interiors - experience ultimate comfort with the PH1 swivel chair - the perfect lounge chair, industrial-chic design, robust and warm at the same time. Now equipped with a height-adjustable mechanism covered with innovative 3D-knitted upholstery and a powder-coated steel column.

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10 years of PH1: from hospitality to offices in retrospect

Ten years ago, the creative minds behind Prast/Hooft added an original element to the unique character of the Zuid As in Amsterdam with the PH1 Chair, fueled by the high demands of lunching professionals such as bankers, lawyers and consultants. The very first PH1 was developed by Lensvelt in close collaboration with Ronald Hooft for restaurant Gustavino. The design stood out for its robust look and open structure with tough upholstery and sturdy finish. The suede-like upholstery of rugged-looking leather was strikingly detailed with outward facing seams.

After its introduction at Gustavino, the PH1 Chair found its way to several prestigious projects. From cocktail bar Gin Sum Club in Haarlem, designed by Claire Ansems (Defining Spaces), to the modern lounge space of Urban Industrial, where the PH1 Chair was used in its original raw leather version by Heyligers Architects. PH1 bar stools were installed in the interior of the government building Het Timmerhuis in The Hague; the interior was designed by O.M.A (Office for Metropolitan Architecture).

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PH1 swivel chair at restaurant Gustavino, upholstered in rugged-looking leather.

PH1 upholstery is strikingly detailed with seams turned outward.

The New Generation PH1: enhanced elegance and dynamics

During the new phase of development, the PH1 Chair & Barstool is now even more comfortable and the frame is equipped with a dynamic mechanism that allows height adjustment by means of a convenient, unobtrusive lever under the seat, guaranteed optimal seating comfort for every guest. The seat of the PH1 new generation is upholstered with an exclusive 3D material by the innovative textile house ByBorre, especially for Lensvelt.
This innovative 3D knit has a layered construction, with the outside (front of the fabric) a blend of wool for a natural feel and GRS (Global Recycled Standard) recycled nylon, designed using the OTW® spinning method, which makes the fabric more durable against pilling, wear and tear. The inside (back) is made of GRS recycled polyester, which adds to the overall durability of the product. Of course, the PH1 chair & barstool can also be custom upholstered to your own liking for any project.

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Restaurant Gustavino een project van Ronald Hooft. Click here to see more.

Ronald Hooft: Innovative designer of high definition 

Ronald Hooft, an architect and interior designer of stature, together with Herman Prast form the dynamic duo Prast /Hooft often described as the "village architects of Amsterdam." They have left a distinct mark on Amsterdam's local dining and entertainment scene and are known for their timeless yet modern designs. Their collaboration with Lensvelt led to the creation of the iconic PH1 Chair & Barstool, which found its way into various interiors of hospitaly projects and offices after its success at Gustavino. The PH1 Chair & PH1 Barstool - where design meets comfort and craft meets innovation. 

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ByBorre; Innovative knits 

ByBorre, an initiative of founder Borre Akkersdijk, operates under the slogan: 'Control your impact. Express your brand'. By doing so, he wants to give other brands the opportunity to access innovations in the industry and have control over aesthetics, functionality and the impact textiles have on our planet.
ByBorre brings together technology and craftsmanship to shape the future of the textile industry. The fabric used for the PH1 chair and barstool is produced using BYBORRE Create™, and combines high-quality yarns with a unique aesthetic, with sustainability playing an important role. Lensvelt introduces this fabric exclusively for the updated PH1 chair and barstool.

Create™ (a tool to create your own textiles) won the Dutch Design Award 2021 in the 'Product' category.

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The lounge area of Uban Industrial is outfitted with lots of PH1 chairs. Click here to see more of this project.

Two PH1 chairs at the head of the long table at Urban Industrial, designed by Heyligers Architects. Photography: Wouter van der Sar.

Lounge area of Urban Industrial click to see first generation PH1.

PH1 barstools at Het Timmerhuis, click here for webshop