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Introducing the Tank Chair

The Tank Chair, a true game changer in office furniture, developed by TANK Design Agency in collaboration with Lensvelt, defines a new standard for comfort, style and durability. The Tank Chair offers a revolutionary look that transcends the conventional office chair.

The Tank Chair is a real gamechanger in the world of office design. Not only does it have the NEN 1335 certification, but it is also fully circular, which is not only good for your comfort, but also for the planet.

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Features of the unique Tank Chair:

• Meet our 100% circular office chair," entirely produced in Europe.

• From the sturdy frame to the luxurious upholstery, each component has been carefully selected to ensure durability and comfort.

Customize the Tank Chair: epoxy coating in various colors and upholstery options for every project. Available from 5 pieces, with additional costs.

Minimal use of fossil raw materials; plastic has been used only where necessary.

NEN 1335 certified and fully EU approved, meets all Dutch and European standards.

• The ergonomic design with adjustable elements such as the backrest, armrests and seat ensure optimal comfort and adaptability.

• Attractively priced at €950, thanks to efficient production and logistics.

• You can choose a subscription with black frame/black upholstery for only €25 per month.

• Available from the end of February 2024 in our standard fabrics and colors.

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Read more about the background and creation of the Tank Chair.

The Tank Chair

The Tank Chair is designed by TANK Interior Design Agency for Lensvelt. A sturdy chair that doesn't look like a soulless piece of office furniture. It is a comfortable chair that complies with all health and safety standards and is also 100 percent circular. That is the challenging basic principle of the Tank Chair. "A chair that stands out but not in a flashy way," says Sanne Schenk, creative director & co-founder of TANK.

more about the origins of the tank chair

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