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Care hotel Domstate Utrecht

Albert van Koningsbruggen in Utrecht. The clients are guests, the reactivation center is a care hotel. diederendirrix designed the renovation of the care complex, Van Eijk & Van der Lubbe, the interior.
In the building from the seventies of the last century, an integrated care concept was realized for AxionContinu. The Domstate program consists of a care hotel for short-term rehabilitation with luxury care rooms, a research and treatment center, a restaurant and workplaces. All functions are organized around a patio that has been redecorated.

Everything is rehabilitation.
Within the architecture of diederendirrix architects Van Eijk & Van der Lubbe translated four themes into interior and use. Together with AxionContinu the substantive basis for the interior has been laid.
The design by Van Eijk & Van der Lubbe encourages guests to do things and to be actively involved in strengthening. The themes that can be found in the design are: ‘It is a hotel, unless …’, ‘Outside colors’, ‘Outside introduction’ and ‘Rehabilitation is top sport’ can be felt throughout the building.Rehabilitation is top sport.
Everything in Hotel Domstate revolves around rehabilitation. The goal of Van Eijk & Van der Lubbe is to make this as fun as possible. To motivate hotel guests and challenge them with an active look and playful elements in the design. Seduce to continue in the direction of your own independence.

In the hotel, due to the understated appearance, the gray office furniture Boring van Lensvelt was used. In the audio studio, This 102 Upholstered Chair Armrests are mixed with 101 & 102 PP Chairs designed by Richard Hutten.

Architects: Van Eijk & Van der Lubbe, www.vevdl.com.nl,
Diederendirrix, www.diederendirrix.nl
Photography: Jeroen van der Wielen


Horeca, Projects

De Restauratie Eindhoven

Waiting for the train, reading a newspaper, or dining, all in a stylish Gispen chair by Lensvelt. This has recently been made possible in the central hall of Eindhoven Central Station where Studio Linse has renovated the restaurant into an inviting new horeca spot, Café & Brasserie De Restauratie. Matching the Kembo WH Gispen chairs from the fifties, Paul Linse completed the design with the addition of contemporary Lensvelt WH Gispen 101 and 202 chairs.

The city of light has been given a new, modern, light and sustainable station designed by Arcadis architect Luc Veeger. The national monument from 1956 – also known as the “Transistor radio” – retained characteristic old elements such as curved parts in the ceilings, floor mosaics and Mondriaan’s text “Doorgang, afscheid en ontmoeting,” which translates to “Passing through, parting and meeting”. Particularly the latter is now possible in the contemporary 240 square meter café-restaurant, renovated with respect for its old glory. Interior designer Paul Linse knows the location well; he came there when he studied at the Design Academy Eindhoven in the late eighties, and also later when he taught there. ‘It was an old-fashioned station restaurant with Persian carpets on the table and a worn laminate floor’, he says.
Linse prefers to allow buildings to stand out in their glory, restoring authentic elements and style icons such as glass chandeliers and furniture, rather than replacing or changing them. These are then combined with newly designed lamps, tables, benches and a counter. On the new terrazzo floor dozens of Lensvelt Gispen chairs with backs and seats of curved beech plywood and upholstered in Kvadrat fabrics, come into their own. ‘The WH Gispen 101 without armrests and the WH Gispen 202 with armrests are fantastic models that sit comfortably,’ Linse explains, ‘and they fit in with the existing Gispen chairs from the fifties.’ He placed the lower ones at the window, the higher in the middle section of the brasserie, and bar stools at the bar. The whole forms a logical, clear, comfortable, and tasteful balance between past and future.

Architect: Studio Linse, https://studiolinse.com/



Amstel Botel Hotel Amsterdam

The BOTEL is perhaps one of the most iconic hostels in Amsterdam. This floating piece of Amsterdam is an accessible and affordable accommodation for many Amsterdam tourists. Owner Sandra Chedi approached Lensvelt for the redesign of the public spaces of her boat. The dated appearance of the boat was replaced by a timeless interior designed by JanPaul Scholtmeijer of JPS Architects. JanPaul chose to apply a mix of 100% Dutch Design and design produced in the Netherlands by, among others, WH Gispen, Atelier van Lieshout, & Prast & Hooft executed in a very colorful scheme. In this way the space retained its accessible appearance, but they managed to surprise with sleek design and special objects such as the Cloud Table.

Realization 2017.
Architects: JPS. architecten, www.jps.amsterdam
Photographer: David Dillen


Horeca, Projects

Wolf Atelier Amsterdam

Restaurant Wolf Atelier in Amsterdam has been located in a glass building behind the station since 2015.

The restaurant was set up by star chef Michael Wolf. Michael Wolf has worked at Envy and Oud Sluis, among others.

The interior is modern. A rugged concrete floor, dozens of gold-colored ceiling lamps and use of brass and wood. The bar and the kitchen are arranged in such a way that the restaurant forms a whole and as a guest you have a view on all corners. Not only of your plate, but also the service, atmosphere and music. The importance of hospitality, as well as the modern but warm interior of Wolf Atelier, is inspired by Michael’s native Austria.

With great enthusiasm, Lensvelt has been able to decorate the restaurant with the comfortable WH 101 and WH 205 Chair by Willem Hendrik Gispen and the This 100 PP Barstool by Richard Hutten. The restaurant has recently also been supplemented with products from the well-known brand Thonet from Austria, the birthplace of Michael Wolf.



Via Hotel Amsterdam

After three years of vacancy, a new destiny arose in 2017 for the former Sphinxstate office building of Planet Internet in Diemen. After two locations in London, Via opened its first branch on the European mainland in Amsterdam Diemen in September.
The ‘hostel concept with the service of a hotel’ is the new place for the young urban traveler to get to know the city in a new way. With 170 shared and private rooms and 744 beds, bar / restaurant The Dude, a cinemaroom and multifunctional common areas – all furnished in nineties style – VIA helps each guest discover the city with fresh creative eyes to discover.

The hotel chain gave Leysner a free hand, based on her portfolio. She proposed a “stubborn urban image”, with a number of themes that refer to the late 80s and early 90s, the period from which the building dates. Her concept has been implemented almost unchanged.

The restaurant and lounge have the theme The Big Lebowski – the cult film by Joel and Ethan Coen – and hip hop; the central staircase has been given the theme ‘skate’. The themes have been worked out in graphics on the walls – in particular graffiti in different styles – and part of the furniture and lighting, designed by Leysner. The graphics are designed and applied by Studio Ayqido.

The bar and restaurant of VIA continues the nineties theme in name. Named The Dude, it takes you across continental America. Not just the United States, although its cuisine with hamburgers, mac n cheese and Hawaiian poke bowls is certainly well represented. The Dude also continues south with nachos sin carne, Argentine choco torta in a jar and more. Cocktails and special Amsterdam beers are served all day and late into the night. With old friends and new. The Dude abides.
Designed by Sheryl Leysner, Lensvelt Contract supplied products from its own collection by designers Richard Hutten, Studio Job and WH Gispen, as well as furniture designed by Sheryl Leysner.

Architect: Sheryl Leysner Interior architecture & Projectmanagement, www.sherylleysner.com
Photograher: Annelore van Herwijnen.

Horeca, Projects

Bleyenberg The Hague

C.A.J. Bleyenberg is the renowned Business leader of Kwantum Behang BV. In the 1980s and 1990s Kwantum provided wallpaper across the city of The Hague, led by John Bleyenberg.
Bleyenberg is a completely new catering and entertainment concept in the old Kwantum building on the Grand Market in The Hague. In addition to a restaurant, a coffee bar and a cocktail bar you can find meeting spaces, Het Magazijn nightclub and The Hague’s first real rooftop bar.

On the 1st floor the 320 m2 is divided into a reception room and 3 meeting rooms, with the largest able to accomodate up to 50 guests. In the canteen you will find many references to the old Kwantum past, and the different seating arrangements contribute to the laid-back vibe.

Take a seat on one of the several Maarten Baas 101 Chairs of Lensvelt which work beautifully in this interior. Supplemented with the old classics like Thonet and Castelli furniture.

Bleyenberg has the honor to open the very first, real rooftop bar in The Hague. From the 3rd floor you have great views of the Grand Market, the skyline and the rest of the city center.

Hidden in the basement of Bleyenberg you will find a new, intimate club where it’s about high quality electronic music.

Photographer: Patrick Meis


Horeca, Projects

La Herculina, A Coruña

Based on an old car warehouse, the same owners as restaurant El Barlovento managed to create a spectacular, elegant and cleanly designed restaurant in the autumn of 2017, with grilled & smoked meat, fish and seasonal vegetables as its specialties.
This two storey building has a skylight in its roof and an open kitchen with a grill. GOC Creativos advised in this project with regard to furniture and interior.
This 101 Felt Chair by Richard Hutten fits perfectly in the overall image due to its tight design and material usage.

Architect: Avanza Gestión, www.avanzagestion.es, design and project construction works
GOC Creativos, www.goccreativos.com, supplied furniture and decoration


Horeca, Projects

The Gin Sum Club & Bistrobar Indonesia Haarlem

The royal monument built in 1920 in the Amsterdam School style, referred to as the “Bank Building”, has housed The Gin Sum Club since 2016.
A high quality restaurant, where East meets West in its most beautiful form.

The concept combines high-quality culinary Asian cuisine with the appearance and feel of a luxurious gentlemen’s club.
The translation and marriage of these two different worlds was accomplished by Claire Ansems by implementing colors and materials with a distinctly Asian style, but keeping the design very European.

The colors black, gold and copper are found throughout the restaurant, in leather armchairs, steel and lockers where guests can bring their own liquor: the Liquor Lockers. “This is truly unique in Haarlem, so the lockers are almost all rented.” In addition, the big bank vault remains in the basement.

The Lensvelt Collection fits seamlessly into the concept and image / material story that Claire Ansems developed for The Gin Sum Club.
For TGSC, the PH1 bar seats were applied, their tough robust appearance contrasting well with the delicate feel of Asia.
The AVL Shaker bar stools were customised with copper plates and the AVL Koker seats fit perfectly in the overall image due to the beautiful frame shape.

On the 1 year anniversary of TGSC owner Thierry Smagge decided in May 2017 to adapt the kitchen. “People who came here thought it was fantastic, but they see it as a night out. So they come during weekend, but nless frequently during the week. ”
The trendy restaurant in Haarlem made the switch to a more accessible concept in May. Under the culinary leadership of none other than Ron Blaauw Bistrobar Indonesia after a short renovation. Blaauw and Agus Hermawan are culinary advisers at Bistrobar Indonesia. Hermawan, an Indonesian chef, has been working with Blaauw since 2007.

Realization spring 2016
Architect: Claire Ansems defining spaces, www.claireansems.com
Photography: Martijn Vonck



Coffeecompany Amsterdam

Twice the Coffeecompany – a subsidiary on the Oosterdokse island and the Coffeecompany Burning on the Zeeburgerpad in Amsterdam. Made in the Workshop chairs by Piet Hein Eek are beautiful in this interior.
Coffeecompany Oosterdok won the Best Coffee Concept 2013 award at Hospitality & Style Award van Entree (before Venuez). Coffeecompany Oosterdok nearby Library Amsterdam was the first location for Coffeecompany in the new style, with new interior elements and equipment going on. And of course with a new assortment of coffee beans and tea.

Architect: Jeroen Vester, Ninetynine, www.ninetynine.nl
Photography: Ewout Huibers.



Courtyard Marriott Hotel

Some impressions of Courtyard Marriott Hotel Amsterdam Atlas Arena and Courtyard Marriott Hotel Gdynia Waterfront.
In 2015, Lensvelt, together with Scandinavian Hospitality Management, designed the Space Encounters with restaurants, terraces, meeting rooms and lounges with furniture products from its own assortment and various other brands, including Hay, Moooi, Fredericia, Gubi, Muuto, & Tradition, Zuiver, Zeitraum, Svenska Hem, Mater, Living Divani, Sancal, Anastassiades, DCW éditions, Fermob, Frandsen Design and Functionals.
Gdynia is a city in the Pomeranian Voivodeship of Poland and an important seaport of Gdańsk Bay on the south coast of the Baltic Sea. The hotel has 201 rooms, restaurant, bar, fitness and more than 500 square meters of conference facilities.
The hotel is located in the business park Atlas, just minutes away from Ajax Stadium. The hotel has 175 rooms, a restaurant, bar, fitness and more than 400 square meters of conference facilities.

Architects: Space Encounters, www.space-encounters.eu
Photographer: Monika Goldszimdt


Horeca, Theaters

Chassé Theater Breda

Flex works in the cultural heart of Breda. Lensvelt delivered different furniture products in-house design by M + R interior architecture in the summer of 2015. Chassé Connect as the new part of the Breda theatre is called, is located above the lounge FRONT. It is a lovely bright room, with seating for different occasions. People can seclude himself in the AVL Skulls. There is plenty of room to sit together in groups. The theatre ambience is processed in the back wall of the space, hung with many theatre posters. In a creative environment, as the best work of Breda. All day visitors can go to the theatre to flex work with good facilities in comfortable silence workplaces. Or meet in an intimate space and networking while enjoying a cup of coffee, fresh lunch or a delicious meal. With plug & play can show a presentation in a flash on a large screen.
Realisation 2015.

Architects: M+R interior architecture, www.mplusr.nl




The Good Hotel Amsterdam

In response to a commission from The Good Hospitality Group, Creative Company Blooey designs together with Sikko Valk two hotel boats. The Good Hospitality Group combines a high-quality guest experience with social entrepreneurship. The hotels function as platforms where guests can meet the local community, where local people are trained, and where profits are reinvested in local projects. The design of the hotels embraces this vision and visualizes the story behind the people and community. In the interior design of the rooms and public areas combined Sikko Valk and Remko Verhaagen functional Dutch design with sensual Brazilian artworks and materials, resulting in a no-nonsense interior that feels welcoming and authentic. With a number of recognizable products of Lensvelt including That Chair, Than Chair, Table Spider, AVL Glyder and WH Gispen 301 Easy Chair and WH Gispen 302 Easy Chair the boats are decorated.

Architects: Blooey, www.blooey.nl, Sikko Valk, www.sikkovalk.nl
Photographer: Chris Baker.


Horeca, Projects

By Jarmusch Rotterdam

Since the summer of 2017, people from Rotterdam can go to an ‘American breakfast café’ in the Industrial Building in the Hoogkwartier in Rotterdam.
At the new restaurant By Jarmusch you will find ‘eggs-any-way-you-like’, sandwiches and pancakes with syrup on the menu. With a menu inspired by the classic American diners. Fresh coffee is also served from Man with Bril Koffie. Getting up early is not necessary: breakfast is served until 16:00.

In addition to the classic American delicacies, By Jarmusch – named after director Jim Jarmusch and based on his film Coffee and Cigarettes – you can also order a smaller or healthier snack such as salads or an acaibowl.

Entrepreneurs Ruben Venema of the Biergarten and Tjeerd Hendriks of the Rotterdam department store Groos are the driving forces behind the new eatery. They aim for a diverse audience. ,, We want to have the trucker next to the lawyer at the bar. People getting ready for their workday or at the weekend to fix their hangover. ”
The Industrial building was realized during the reconstruction of Rotterdam. It is no longer just a collection of companies, but now also a culinary hotspot. The interior is an ode to the classic American diners and to the architect of Het Industriegebouw, Hugh Maaskant. Details such as the shape of the long bar, the booths, the black steel lamps and the bar stools, refer to the metropolitan style of the architect who also designed the Euromast.

For the interior, Lensvelt supplied black chairs by Richard Hutten, the stackable This 101 PP Chair.

Architect: Tjeerd Hendriks, www.groosrotterdam.nl
Photographer: Titia Hahne & Michella Kuijkhoven


Gustavino Amsterdam

Between the office buildings on Amsterdam’s South Axis is located Gustavino Restaurant & Vinoteca. The space is impressive (the ceiling is seven and a half meters high) and decorated with a copper bar, white marble kitchen and chandeliers of bike lights.

In many reviews about the food at this restaurant, people also talked about the Lensvelt comfortable, luxurious seats PH1 Chair. The base is made of galvanized steel, and the raw seat is upholstered in leather. In the case of Gustavino the designer duo & Prast & Hooft chosen a supple leather in olive oil, chocolate and cream colors.

Architects: & Prast & Hooft, www.prasthooft.nl
Photgrapher: Roos Aldershoff.


Horeca, Projects, Speciale Projecten

42workspace Rotterdam

Ohad Gilad, founder of 42workspace and managing partner of main investor Keadyn, says, “Startups require a lot more than just an office, fast wifi and good coffee. We offer an international network of startups, investors, and other partners who can give ‘our’ startups a boost. It’s crucial to have the right connections, particularly in the early stages of a startups. 42workspace provides tech-entrepreneurs with precisely the environment they need in order to focus on what is most important: growth.”.

It can faciliate up to 60 young companies, with a total of 260 work spots. 42workspace Rotterdam facilitates everything a startup needs to succeed, so everyone can focus on their business instead of wasting time as office managers. Not only business facilities are provided.
De Boom elaborates that “work-life balance is practically nonexistent. However, we differentiate ourselves from ‘usual’ co-working spaces by taking this into account. It’s what we call: work, eat, play. What we offer our companies is a real, all-round home base. That way people can work out, eat lunch, have a beer, or even host an event, for instance.

The collaboration with Ohad Gilad, Anniek Roosenschoon, Gaston Heuts, Pim Schachtschabel and Ruben Cieremans is an inspiration for Lensvelt. Lensvelt provided the workstations with the 7100 tables and HG303 office chairs on the floors and also the green AVL Workbench table, the Made in The Workshop chairs by Piet Hein Eek and WH Gispen chairs on the ground floor.

Architect: Atelier Roosenschoon, www.atelierroosenschoon.nl


Una Hotel Vittoria Florence



Time Out Bar Moscow

The Time Out Bar is located on the 12th (restaurant) and 13th (cocktail) floor of an old KGB hotel in Moscow that Russia had built as a sign of the friendly relations with China. JOINE was hired as a design consultant. Maarten Baptist (designer and founder of JOINE): “In Russia, everything is all about ‘see and be seen ‘ and the Russians wanted the restaurant and bar were designed with only Dutch Design for an cosmopolitan feel. The result is an compelling mix of different designers and the existing architecture”.
The furniture designed by different Dutch designers. Furniture Joine, Piet Hein Eek, Marcel Wanders, Studio Job, Richard Hutten and Atelier van Lieshout. From Lensvelt’s own collection; Made in the Workshop Stackable Chairs, AVL Glyder couches and AVL Shaker Chairs.

The Time Out Bar is one of many projects JOINE conducted in Russia.

Architects: JOINE, www.joine.nl
Photgrapher: JOINE en Time Out.


Horeca, Speciale Projecten

The Movement Hotel Bijlmerbajes

The Movement Hotel is a pop-up in one of the towers of the former infamous prison, the Bijlmerbajes in Amsterdam. This hotel is a collaboration between Movement On The Ground and the Refugee Company, run by refugees, and aims to empower them and get them back in the workforce.

Lensvelt Contract supplied the furniture in the lobby and common areas, based on a design by Chris Burghard. Both the architect and Lensvelt delivered under high pressure, as the entire concept and execution was realized within 5 weeks. The salmon pink reception area is complemented by bright red Lensvelt furniture. This project features AVL Glyders and AVL SPR Cathedra Lounge Chairs upholstered in Lensvelt Uni Red, and Richard
Hutten’s This 101 PP chair and Barstools also in red.

This furniture is provided as a part of a circular use model, and has been partly sponsored by Lensvelt. It remains ownership of Lensvelt and will be returned when the hotel closes.

Architect: Chris Burghard

Horeca, Speciale Projecten

nhow, De Rotterdam

The nhow Rotterdam designed by the famous architect Rem Koolhaas of OMA Architects, opened in January 2014 and is the Flagship of the Business Unit Benelux, UK, France, and South Africa of the NH Hotel Group.

The nhow concept is a relatively new lifestyle brand of NH Hotel Group in the building De Rotterdam. The interior is a combination of various creative disciplines; in Milan the combination has been created with fashion and in Berlin with music. The creative focus of the nhow Rotterdam will be ‘Art & Architecture’. The guest will be treated to a combination of Dutch design and treasures of the Golden Age, avant-garde creations and cross media expressions such as photography, architecture, and industrial design. The nhow Rotterdam will be a source of inspiration for guests as well as for creative young talent to showcase their art.

The meeting room is decorated with AVL Office Chairs of designer Joep van Lieshout. In addition, OMA Architects has developed restaurant chairs of the Blocks program.

Realization 2014.
Architects: OMA, www.oma.eu

Products used in this project

Horeca, Openbare Ruimtes, Speciale Projecten

Airport Schiphol Lounge 4

Design Bureau Tjep. has redecorated Lounge 4 Schiphol airport. The aim of the design is to give a “lively” character to the clinical waiting room. For this purpose, the theme of a shopping street is been used.
The shops and catering establishments in the lounge are provided with widely varying façades, with large entrances. The waiting itself is presented as a “grass landscape”, with generous green Lensvelt couches designed by Joep van Lieshout.
The passengers can also sit on one of the two grandstands. Especially for kids are these structures provided with a slide. To compensate the lack of visibility on airplanes, there are also a number of couches arranged in the shape of an airplane.
Realisation: 2012.

Architect: Tjep. , www.tjep.com
Photographer: Mike Bink.