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Theater De Kampanje Den Helder

In Den Helder an ensemble of cultural buildings under the name of De Kampanje has opened its doors. In an old industrial hall, Van Dongen-Koschuch Architects has designed a theater with glass walls. Theater De Kampanje is the new cultural center and theater of Den Helder in the Old Wharf Willemsoord. With the transformation, this maritime location, which was unavailable to the public for more than 170 years, has gained a new public function consisting of a theater hall, a multifunctional hall, arts center, offices and restaurants. VanDongen-Koschuch Architects’s design applied Lensvelt furniture by Atelier van Lieshout. Pieces such as the AVL Glyder, AVL Koker, AVL Workbench and AVL Office Chair are particularly well-matched due to the high-quality finishes and colors. Realization 2015.
Architects: van Dongen-Koschuch,
Photography: Allard van der Hoek


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Chassé Theater Breda

Flex works in the cultural heart of Breda. Lensvelt delivered different furniture products in-house design by M + R interior architecture in the summer of 2015. Chassé Connect as the new part of the Breda theatre is called, is located above the lounge FRONT. It is a lovely bright room, with seating for different occasions. People can seclude himself in the AVL Skulls. There is plenty of room to sit together in groups. The theatre ambience is processed in the back wall of the space, hung with many theatre posters. In a creative environment, as the best work of Breda. All day visitors can go to the theatre to flex work with good facilities in comfortable silence workplaces. Or meet in an intimate space and networking while enjoying a cup of coffee, fresh lunch or a delicious meal. With plug & play can show a presentation in a flash on a large screen.
Realisation 2015.

Architects: M+R interior architecture,



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Musis Sacrum Arnhem

Since 1847 there has been constant activity in and around the Musis Sacrum, with the concert hall and the surroundings taking on a range of forms that reflect the needs of its operators, city officials and residents. The project consists of the renovation of the existing monument and the new extension with the great hall and supportive functions.

The decoration in the public space is remaerkeable: beautiful wooden wall finishings, especially the lamellar wall decorations with green color schemes are striking. With a golden brown sheen, they are in harmony with the colors of the park. In the large entrance, the beige Portuguese slate concrete forms a beautiful contrast with six black leather AVL Glyder Poufs of 400 * 70 cm.

Underground the material use is aligned to the building, with a lot of clean concrete, extremely sober and tight. But it is richly filled with special and recognizable furniture lines. The office spaces are filled with Boring Program and Stealth Cabinets in Boring Gray. The dressing rooms are equipped with black AVL Visit Chairs in leather, with matte black four-piece chassis made to measure. The common living areas are decorated with black PH1 bar stools and AVL Office Chairs around the copper tables.

Architects: van Dongen-Koschuch,
Photographer: Bart van Hoek

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Casa da Musica Porto