Studio Job.

The founders of contemporary applied art are soulmates Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel; connected in Studio Job since 2000.

Studio-Job2 Studio Job is a Renaissance-style studio where once in a lifetime objects are created by using old and new techniques. At Studio Job craftsmanship is more important than number, extreme designs above everyday life.

Job Smeets: “We are oeuvre builders, not hit scorers.” Nynke Tynagel: “Our work is becoming increasingly expressive and is created in ever greater freedom.”

Starting out as two graduates of the Dutch Design Academy in Eindhoven, they became the contemporary pioneers of personal expression in fifteen years. Technology, science and ornamental designs come together in Studio Job’s Gesamtkunstwerken.

Job Smeets likes to call their style “New Gothic”, with perfectionism and uniqueness as keywords. Nynke Tynagel speaks of a symphony orchestra, in which richness of different sounds is composed into a coherent work. The fact is that about twenty-five guilds are represented in the Studio Job lab: from old craftsmen such as sculptors, furniture makers, hand painters, bronze casters and stained glass makers to contemporary professionals who are familiar with laser and 3D techniques.

Studio Job’s work has been included in more than forty museums worldwide. The duo designed the Job Office series for Lensvelt: a line characterized by simple shapes, bright colors and striking gold-colored details.