Van Eijk en Van der Lubbe .

Van Eijk & Van der Lubbe are experts in concept development, product and spatial design. They are conceptual thinkers and no challenge is too daunting. VEVL create the most meaningful designs, shape and animate any space or product for cultural institutions and companies with a sound awareness of the future.

Niels en Miriam_website_2 Lensvelt asked Niels Van Eijk and Miriam Van der Lubbe to come up with a solution that fits all the needed requirements and at the same time resonates with our core values for a workstation that keeps you safe during COVID-19. At Lensvelt, we do not simply just want to produce a work screen, we aspire to construct and design a screen that truly adds something unique to the work environment. This virus resistant work screen is, like all our products: authentic, innovative, functional and carefully designed.