Willem-Hendrik-Gispen2 Gispen had already caused a furore in the thirties with his chromed tubular steel furniture. The furniture he designed for Kembo with frames of bar steel soon became a big success. Model 302 was awarded at the Milan Triennale in 1954.

From May 2014, Lensvelt will take care of fifteen models from W.H. Gispen after acquisition Kembo.

Lensvelt has seven designs from the best time of W.H. Gispen included in the collection. Hans Lensvelt always felt personally connected with W.H. Gispen. He finds the aesthetic quality of these chairs exceptional. Moreover, according to Lensvelt, the designs fit well in today’s interiors.

The series is named ‘W.H. Gispen from Kembo by Lensvelt … with love ‘.

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