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Fabio Novembre

The Italian architect and designer can do just about anything. Working in all areas of design, fashion, art and architecture, he has become famous for his exclusive and provocative designs. He has collaborated with brands such as Driade, Venini and Kartell.  And is extremely proud of his work on architectural spaces for AC Milan and Lamborghini.

New Balance

Hans Lensvelt (CEO) and Fabio Novembre (designer) have been friends for more than 20 years. After a personal and friendly visit to Fabio in Milan in December 2018, Hans wondered why Fabio had never designed anything for the Lensvelt furniture brand. Spontaneously, a presentation was made in Fabio's studio on the last day of the visit. And in typical Hans-Lensvelt style, a beautiful result came out of this meeting at lightning speed, which was presented during Milano Design Week 2019: the New Balance sofa collection.

Fabio Novembre has an enormous theory about the "new balance" in life and loves to elaborate it in front of an audience, as he did at the invitation of Hans during Dutch Design Week 2019 in Eindhoven.

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In Fabio's theory, the search for a 'new balance' in life is followed by a new period of balance, and it is in this specific context that the New Balance collection has been developed into Balance.

Balance: A versatile modular system of sofa elements that can be supplied in any format and size. Ideal for spaces with unusual or very large dimensions. Armchairs, two and three-seater sofas and even wall-to-wall units are all possible.

Tekst 2

New Balance armchair_ is a contemporary and asymmetrical armchair

Balance_ modular system of sofa elements that can be supplied in any format and size

Fabio Novembre_ seated on the New Balance sofa during DDW 2019, Eindhoven


Balance sofa_ is a modular sofa that can be supplied in any composition and any size, like this wall-to-wall one

Balance_ modular system ideal for spaces with unusual or very large dimensions.

Balance_ single armchairs can be combined with the wall to wall system.

Balance armchair_ can be well combined with other dimensions of the Balance sofa


Balance sofa_ is a modular system, available in every size you wish

Balance armchairs_ has straight lines and round shapes

Balance armchair_ can be upholstered in different fabrics

New Balance sofa_ is a generously proportioned slanted 3 seater sofa


Who the fuck is Fabio Novembre?

The Italian architect and designer can do it all. Fabio Novembre designs objects and interiors, showrooms, hotels and restaurants for leading international companies, from design to fashion, from art to architecture.
Since 1994, the year he opened his studio, he has worked with major design companies such as Driade and Kartell, fashion brands such as Blumarine and Stuart Weitzman, and he is very proud to count AC Milan and Lamborghini among his clients.

In 1999, Hans Lensvelt embarked on a new phase with his company.
He wanted to work internationally with designers who had an original perspective on furniture design. Through a publication by editor Harm Tilman, the eccentric Italian designer Fabio Novembre came to his attention.

Hans Lensvelt called the young Fabio to invite him to speak at the Lensvelt Architect Interior Award 2002. This was the beginning of a long, interesting, adventurous and creative friendship.

Hans brought Fabio to the Netherlands for this presentation, and so the Dutch design entrepreneur and the Italian designer got to know each other better. During his stay in the Netherlands, Fabio had only one request for Hans: he wanted to meet the young, up-and-coming Dutch designer Marcel Wanders. And so they did.

Hans was inspired by what Fabio had created for the Italian brand Cappellini. Some of the products that Fabio Novembre has designed for Cappellini are S.O.S., AND & ORG.

tekst 3

After the talk for which Lensvelt had invited Fabio, a meeting with Marcel Wanders (left) followed, back in 2000

A long friendship followed between Marcel Wanders, Hans Lensvelt and Fabio Novembre, Amsterdam 2019.

The UNA hotel in Florence was the first project Lensvelt and Fabio worked on together, evident in the furniture in the restaurant.

AVL Shaker barstools_ designed by Joep van Lieshout, were applied the to a sensually curving bar covered in mosaic tiles.

AVL Shaker Chairs_ at Fabio Novembre private home. He ordered them from Lensvelt after applying them in the UNA Hotel. This shows his real love for this simple, beautiful chair designed by Atelier van Lieshout.


First collab: UNA hotel, Florence

In 2003, Lensvelt and Fabio collaborated on the Una Hotel Vittoria in Florence. A swirl of floral mosaics becomes a reception desk, the revolving shape of the bar creates a spiral form where opportunities for contact abound. A long curved table, designed by Atelier Van Lieshout and inspired by old-fashioned refectory tables, provides a common platform in the restaurant. AVL bar stools and chairs have also been added to the interior.

Famous chair Nemo

In 2010 Fabio designed the Nemo chair, first presented at the Salone del Mobile for Driade. The design is the manifestation of a human face, a mythical beauty as in Greek art, a face with classical lines that reveals a seating element. The chair is large enough to completely envelop the user. Thanks to the popular Netflix series Lupin, the chair receive renewed attention in 2020.

tekst 4

Fabio at his studio with his famous Nemo Chair for Driade

Hans Lensvelt asked Fabio to be his best man for his wedding in 2018.

Fabio's wedding gift: 200 custom-made supporter of love scarves made in the factory of his favorite club AC Milan.


The presentation of New Balance, 2019

For the presentation of the New Balance sofas during the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, Lensvelt organised a double interview as part of the interview series "May I have your attention, please?", a series Lensvelt organises together with design journalist Jeroen Junte. An established designer (Fabio) and an up-and-coming talent (Lara Bohinc) were interviewed live in front of a large audience of design enthusiasts. Fabio spoke at length about his philosophy behind the New Balance concept.

tekst 5

Fabio Novembre sits on a two-seater New Balance sofa during its presentation during Milan Design Week 2019.

During DDW life interview Fabio talked extensively about his philosophy behind the New Balance concept.

Design journalist Jeroen Junte interviews Fabio about his designs during the live interview series "May I have your attention, please?" in Eindhoven, 2019.

New Balance_ presentation during DDW 2019 at Kazerne.