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Maarten Jamin

Maarten has a Studio for interior design and architecture that facilitates collaboration between creative professionals. His 25 years of experience in interior design have allowed him to develop a critical and trained eye for quality, usage and design. In his own interior design studio, he likes to combine his personal signature with a strong eye for detail.

Spaces Dedicated Desk

The Dedicated Desk was especially developed out of a specific need. Architect Maarten Jamin designed the desk in an effort to make the most ideal workspace for Spaces (a flexible office space provider, in Amsterdam). Lensvelt developed the desk into a versatile piece of office furniture.

Spaces felt they couldn't find a product that clients would appreciate enough. Therefore, they designed their own desk. It’s more private than a co-working desk, it's very functional and the height of the desk is adjustable just like the panels and it visually breaks up a large room. It’s made of steel, linoleum and warm sound reducing fabrics. Seemingly lasting forever, it can be personalized and modernized as time passes.

The Spaces Dedicated Desk is a multifunctional desk set up that caters to any need. Additionally, it acquires electrical power sockets on each desk for charging devices. The metal frame has lockable storage cabinets that ensure safety and doubles up as a shelf space for books, art, photo frames and/or any work necessities.

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