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Nina Graziosi

Nina Graziosi, founder and owner of the interior architectural firm Graziosi Progetti. Here the primary belief being that interior architecture isn’t merely about aesthetics but has an unimaginable underlying impact on all who encounter it. Creating an environment that translates brand identity and brings forth a pleasant working atmosphere for employees but also for consumers alike. Graziosi Progetti is an energetic and creative interior design agency since 1995, finding its success in both the business and the retail end of the market.

Check out the Miss Nina

The collaboration with Lensvelt 

Graziosi Progetti and Lensvelt have enjoyed close cooperation on several projects. Lensvelt not only delivered the furniture multiple times, but also arranged furniture from other brands, installed everything on site and gave good advice. Nina says: "Lensvelt is a partner that always helps us, but also communicates with the customer, makes proposals and keeps in touch with people within the organization.”

But beyond all these projects, the creation of the Miss Nina rug and the UNM desk is the epitome of the unique collaboration between the two. According to Nina, it’s precisely this form of knowledge sharing that allows these kinds of things to emerge. She can therefore not wait for the next co-creation: " It adds depth. I'm looking forward to it again”.



Beentjes Bouwgroep

Architecture and design always go hand in hand, and both interiors and exteriors are part of Graziosi Progetti's portfolio. According to Nina, however, it was a great opportunity to work on a project where everything comes together, and to be able to develop it all from scratch. "When something like this comes along, you have to grab it and just do it," Nina says.

Especially the co-creation with organizational consultant Jan-Jaap Res and Bouwgroep Beentjes, who was responsible for the construction of its own office, was unique and ensured an optimal exchange of knowledge. Together they were able to translate the identity and vision of the company into a true Gesamtkunstwerk.

Beentjes tekst

Lensvelt supplied various pieces of furniture from its own collection for Nina's Gesamtkunstwerk

_Beentjes Bouwgroep


UNM desks in an office arrangement

UNM Desk Salone Del Mobile 2015

UNM (You and Me) Desk

"The best things originate from irritation or frustration. If there are already good solutions, I prefer to take what’s already there. Only when it's not there, then it becomes interesting. Then you can make something unique." - Nina Graziosi

Turning a disadvantage into an advantage. That's how UNM was born. From the frustration that everyone applied the same furniture and that adjustable desks with untidy looks were making their appearance, Nina and Lensvelt combined forces to create an unconventional desk that can blend in with any interior.

It became another special collaboration, about which Nina herself said: "the interesting thing when you work together is that you can also make a more interesting product than when you try to do it on your own."

tekst UNM desk


Miss Nina Carpet

"Soft rugs for walls have been completely forgotten, while they are such an important element in homes" – Nina Graziosi

Nina Graziosi first drew inspiration from 1960s movies and spent years searching for the perfect tapestry herself, when Hans Lensvelt asked her to design one. Not necessarily one for the wall, but she saw that as her contribution. After all, she thought it was such a shame that these particular rugs had gone out of fashion.

Based on the 16th century tapestry that was now hanging in her home, she made a contemporary version with abstract shapes and an impressionistic use of colors. This "redefined" and "digitized" Verdure is suitable for both private and public spaces, and although Nina hopes that wall rugs will make a widespread comeback, the Miss Nina Rug may of course be laid on the floor as well.

tekst Miss Nina

Miss Nina Carpet_ used as a tapestry in an apartment in Amsterdam

Miss Nina Nina Graziosi

Miss Nina Carpet_ combined with This Bucket Chair at an apartment in Antwerp