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Studio Stefan Scholten

Over the past twenty years Stefan Scholten (1972) has become one of the leading figures of the world-famous Dutch design. Since 1995 he has run his own design agency and works for various well-known brands such as HAY, Paula Lenti, Desso and Maharam.

He is known for his reduced shapes and minimal design style combined with a unique use of color. The designs are functional and applicable, but always expressive. Scholten's approach is also known as the 'Atelier Method'. During the design process, he 'thinks' with his hands as much as possible and continues to sketch, draw, and mix colors until an original and new design emerges. His studio works on a scale model or full-size model, usually with simple materials such as paper and cardboard before it is ready for large-scale production.

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tekst 1

Bold collection_ consists of four components. Click here to see all.

The cooperation with Lensvelt

Lensvelt and Stefan Scholten have known each other since 1998 after meeting at the Salone Del Mobile in Milan. A cooperation was still some time away but since 2019, Lensvelt and Studio Stefan Scholten have been developing an innovative furniture collection. Besides sofa seating system Bold, there is the hybrid outdoor-indoor chair LoopChair and a compact wooden chair, 2THRD. Four key concepts were central during the design process. The result had to be applicable, functional, sustainable and expressive. Stefan Scholten: "Just like Lensvelt, I value expressiveness. Furniture has to speak for itself."

Tekst 2

2THRD_ a lightweight, stackable chair in wood comes in 5 colors

LoopChair_ sustainable stackable chair comes in 4 colors.


Loop Chairs sketches by Stefan Scholten

LoopChair_ in a perforated version is also available with or without armrests.

3D printed Loop chair voor Lensvelt

Detail from 3D printed Loop chair

LoopChair: indoor and outdoor use

The name of the chair refers to its continuous shape; the round steel tube runs from the armrest through the seat to the legs and back again. The design guarantees maximum comfort and is resistant to all weather conditions and suitable for a long-term outdoor existence.

The LoopChair is made of one hundred percent reusable steel and thus meets the current sustainability requirements for the interior of public buildings.

Tekst 5

Click here_ for all versions of the LoopChair: perforated, unperforated or upholstered


Bold Collection: soft and organic

The Bold series is a compact sofa system. The four main elements visually connect to each other.  The shapes are soft and friendly and offer optimal comfort. There is a sofa with two armrests, settee with one armrest and the armchair and ottoman are available in a left or right version. The asymmetrical shape guarantees an exciting view from all angles. With its varied, compact elements, the Bold program is ideal for private use, public spaces, and the project market.

Tekst 4

Bold sofa_ two seater has subtle assymetric shapes

Bold Sofa sketch by Stefan Scholten

Bold_ armchair

Bold_ soft and friendly shapes that offer optimal comfort.


2THRD: elegant and compact

The 2THRD chair gets its name from its unusual size, two-thirds of a "normal" chair. With its compact wooden form, the chair takes up surprisingly little space.

The 2THRD is entirely made of sustainable FSC certified oak. The use of wood as a material and the organic shape provides a natural look and create a perfect seat angle. The stackable chair is light weight and multi-purpose for all types of private interiors, but also suitable for the workplace and hospitality applications.

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