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Boon 01 and Boon 02

Robust, yet sophisticated design
Two Dutch brands – Studio Piet Boon and Lensvelt - joined forces for the development of the BOON 01 and BOON 02 chairs. The design philosophy of both brands is well reflected in this new product. Essentially, the chair is highly comfortable, yet also functional and flexible in use. The recognizable Piet Boon design with eye-catching proportions and robust look, makes this chair a unique addition to the Lensvelt collection that consist of many chairs. The chair is designed in such a way that any room and space, from dining- to living room, looks and feels calm and tranquil, even when applied in large quantities such as restaurants and large-scale projects.

The ultimate comfortable dining chair
The BOON 01 and BOON 02 come in two versions, one with and one without armrests, and is available in colours that resonate with the typical Studio Piet Boon colour palette, such as Chalk, Shell, Pebble and Coal. These luxurious dining chairs offer the ultimate comfort, due to their generous and thick seating pillow, therefore allowing you to sit comfortable all-day and all-night long. The chairs have an overall rectilinear and square shape, with armrests that look as if they are “stuck” against it. The low back-rest combined with a low center of gravity and robust legs, give the chair a grounded look and feel.

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Studio Piet Boon

Studio Piet Boon is a globally operating design studio for exterior, interior and product design, recognized for creating perfectly balanced designs. For each customer, our teams create the right balance between functionality, aesthetics and individuality to create an authentic and timeless design. The full-service approach and our ability to really listen means that we want to exceed all expectations of our customers.

The multidisciplinary team designs award-winning exclusive homes, business projects and developments, hospitality environments. In addition, the studio designs an extensive range of products for all rooms in the house. The design team consists of experienced designers, architects and stylists who are committed to delivering authentic design at a high level. Studio Piet Boon was founded in 1983 by Piet Boon and Karin Meyn in Oostzaan, the Netherlands.

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Two version in 4 Studio Piet Boon colors.

Colors are specificly picked by Studio Piet Boon