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Teun Zwets

Teun Zwets (1992) graduated in 2020 from the Design Academy Eindhoven. In his first year after graduating, his hands-on approach led to several exhibitions in Eindhoven, with his eye-catching design, he is a talent to keep an eye on.

Because the graduation show was canceled due to the Covid pandemic, Teun built his own exhibition in an empty classroom where he presented his graduation collection ''Teunland''. In the same year he presented his work at Kazerne in Eindhoven, and won the Kazerne Design Award, an annual incentive prize for designers who have recently graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven. 

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After his graduation, his hands-on approach led to several commissions in Eindhoven, such as this one for Piet Hein Eek's hotel

Teun Zwets x Lensvelt at Evoluon

Hans Lensvelt has great admiration for Teun's work and personally asked him to create an installation for the Dutch Design Week to be presented in the Evoluon. Lensvelt does not stand for a standard presentation during DDW and thus Hans Lensvelt and Teun Zwets set out to investigate how they could create something new from their own residual waste. Teun Zwets is well known in the field of reuse; he has been involved in this matter since he graduated from the Design Academy. Teun Zwets creates ten unique sustainable objects for Lensvelt.

In this case, Teun took a different approach. Normally, he has a product or design in mind and finds the waste material that fits it. Now, the residual waste from Lensvelt furniture was the starting point and he figured out a way to turn it into a functional series of products.

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Evoluon , Eindhoven_ furnished by Lensvelt

Hans Lensvelt & Teun Zwets_ conceive the concept about reuse of residual material.

Click here to read more about the installation in the Evoluon

Modular cabinet system

Teun will develop ten cabinets, using a modular box as a starting point. The cabinets are made of leftover steel and the modules can be combined with each other. Normally this steel is recycled, but that takes a lot of energy. Steel, like other materials, cannot be brought to the right temperature by electricity to be recycled. It can be done by gas, which has additional disadvantages in today's and the near future.

The idea of this collaboration is to show the market that manufacturing waste can be used on a large scale to develop new products of very high quality.

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First renders of 'Le Petit Boudoir'