Lab City CentraleSupélec, Paris

Lab City CentraleSupélec, Paris

OMA’s first scientific building laboratory and technical school, Lab City CentraleSupélec in Paris Saclay, is completed and is completed this September in 2017 for students.

OMA’s design is based on an open learning landscape in a transparent box.
The building is part of a larger urban planning plan, which also encompasses the surrounding area. OMA provides a diagonal street, which runs from a future subway station to the nearby Supelec school. Also in the new building, this line continues, as the main road.

Instead of a classical lab with venues and hallways, “lab city” is conceived as an open landscape, which must stimulate transparency and interaction between the various ranks.

The building is designed as a rectangular low-rise building with a glass roof. Only the core, the so-called Forum, has an increase in the form of a stacked volume. This section contains the atrium and features such as a sports hall and offices.
A main artery runs through the center of the complex, linking a neighboring technical facility to the location of a future subway station.
A network of smaller passages connects with this main road, which forms the basis of the city grid.

Offices, laboratories, a library and a restaurant are designed by this grid, which blocks blocks in different sizes. There is also a plaza-like space filled with tables and chairs, an auditorium formed as an amphitheater and a number of elevated terraces.
The Blocks seats and chairs are designed in collaboration with OMA Architects and are made of brown cognac color.

Realization mid 2017.
Architecten: OMA,
Photographers: Philippe Ruault & Vitor Oliveira

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