…, state also adds a chair to this: The Chair, produced by Lensvelt.
Yesterday, on February 22, the black-coated chair was launched in a crowded Lensvelt Gallery at the Herengracht in Amsterdam.
In Presence of the also black dressed designer Jochem Leegstra.
The Chair has a striking slim line with legs that look like fragile insect feet. Together with a handy handle and clothes hanger incorporated in the frame. The Chair is a timeless, contemporary chair with a quirky joke.

Jochem Leegstra and Hans Lensvelt.
Picture: Jan Willem Kaldenbach.

Bureau …, state was busy with a large hospitality project, a hotel for which the chairs had to be purchased. Even though there are already thousands of chairs in this world, they decided to see if they could design a chair themselves, says Jochem Leegstra, founder and creative director of ….
They designed a timeless chair, in front of the desk in a hotel room. It should not be a slick designer chair that is so present that the chair determines the whole interior, and not a classic or retro model but a copy that touches the spirit of the times.

Launch of The Chair (D-Chair),
Lensvelt Gallery, Herengracht 178, Amsterdam.

Producing the first model turned out to be too difficult and …, state should make too many concessions. The firm had already stopped hundreds of hours in sketching and rendering when Leegstra talked to Hans Lensvelt. Lensvelt took The Chair (also called D-Chair) into production.

Launch of The Chair (D-Chair),
Lensvelt Gallery, Herengracht 178, Amsterdam.

Hans Lensvelt: “The chair fits perfectly into the existing portfolio of furniture label and project designer Lensvelt.
And The Chair also feels comfortable, right between the chairs of Maarten Baas and that of Richard Hutten. The Chair is therefore a nice addition to the range “.

The Chair has a frame of powder coated steel from Italy, a seat made of birch wood from Belgium, and is designed and assembled in the Netherlands. Besides European, the chair is also very affordable.

The Chair is available in a number of colors and materials and will soon be supplemented with a barstool and a low armchair with the same lines and ingredients.

The Chair collection now finds its way to NewWest Theater – ShopShopShop (also from …, state), but will undoubtedly soon be found in hotel rooms, lobbies and restaurants.

The Chair (or D-chair) in the Lensvelt Gallery,
Herengracht 178, Amsterdam.
Picture: Jan Willem Kaldenbach.

Over …,State
Jochem Leegstra and Julia Kortekaas founded the communication and design agency in 2000, stand up. The studio has grown into a creative agency with a ‘stretched’ portfolio within the disciplines of communication and design. …, stands equally well in the field of architecture, film, branding, identity, strategy and communication, as well as in the field of graphic, interior, interactive, motion and experience design and creative direction.
The clients are also very diverse: from Bugaboo International, Groninger Museum, WGSN and Heineken to Nike, MTV, The Student Hotel and Cartier. Bureau …, opened last year the new studio in the former Werkheater: NewWiktheater, with restaurant, cafe, workstations, photo studio, exhibitions and the smallest shop: ShopShopShop.

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