From Ventura Centrale Milan to the Kazerne Eindhoven.
During the Dutch Design Week the installation can be seen here as part of the design exhibition New Icons – Rietveld Now. An exhibition about the design innovators in 2017 with the question: If Rietveld was still alive, what would he do now? Would he be called Jelle Mastenbroek, Piet Hein Eek? Or Maarten Baas, one of the most influential Dutch designers of the early 21st century.

May I Have Your Attention, Please?
The installation also receives plenty of attention in Kazerne. From voices in dozens of different colors and formats, voices and opinions can be heard. A whispering response to all designers and companies that always cry for attention during the Salone in Milan. The 101 Chairs that the quirky designer designed for Lensvelt is part of the installation. Just like all those different opinions, every chair is unique.

101 Chair
De101 Chairs all have something human. The eight different back shapes resemble faces that look appealing to you. And just as colorful as people can be, the 101 Chair is available in fourteen shades of upholstery.

More Attention, Please!
After years of tinkering, clay and fire, Maarten Baas has finally grown up: he has designed a stackable version of the 101 Chair for Lensvelt! He shows this during the ddw in the space right behind his installation May I Have Your Attention, Please? Here is more new work such as: Fat Vase For Fat Plantje, a 66 centimeter high vase where only one cactus fits, that Baas designed for Cor Unum.
More Attention, Please is part of the exhibition DDW 2017 – Selected Participants where 100 designers present two thousand square meters of current design.

May I Have Your Attention, Please- New Icons- Rietveld Now / More Attention, Please- DDW2017 – Selected Participants,
until October 29, 2017.
Kazerne, Paradijslaan 2-8, Eindhoven

2X price!
Where no company has yet succeeded, Lensvelt has succeeded. With the atmospheric presentation of May I Have Your Attention, Please? in a vault beneath the Stazione Centrale in Milan, Lensvelt won the Milano Design Award, Best Concept 2017 (and a nomination for the Dutch Design Awards 2016).

A year earlier Lensvelt also won the same price with a bold anti-design statement amidst the excess in Milan: the Boring Collection. Together with the architects of Space Encounters, they created a Memphis-like office city of archetypal stacked desks, cabinets, office chairs, clocks and waste bins, supplemented with one hundred and fifty thousand paper dolls – the ultimate symbol of boredom on the office floor. This Boring Collection set in – appropriate modest – gray powder coated steel, is aesthetic and affordable furniture for a non-distracting workspace.

Contemplation Spaces in hotel room
From the bustling barracks to contemplative hotel rooms. A curator, architect, psychologist and around twenty designers bring together art, design, smell, sound and tactility in room 2402 of The Student Hotel in Eindhoven. In these so-called Contemplation Spaces visitors can temporarily exclude the world full of stimuli and crowds, and unwind.

The initiative of Justine Kontou (Dutch Design Foundation) shows a calming world with work by, among others, Studio Sabine Marcelis, Nacho Carbonell, OSΔOOS and Pleuni Buyink. Here the visitor can maneuver himself in lounge mode with one pull on the gearshift in The Lazy Modernist. The attractive relax armchair by Atelier van Lieshout is based on a Chinese Lazy Boy found at the garbage, the frame of which was re-rigged. Above it are huge Bulbs by Caroline Prisse, artist and director of Van Tetterode Glas Studio Amsterdam. The mouth-blown lamps in countless colors are as touching as the 101 Chair by Maarten Baas, because of the manually applied dent in the bulge. Both can also be found in the Lensvelt collection.
Visitors are invited to give feedback on their experiences so that the initiators can further develop the concept into future permanent installations.

Sensory Symposium
Following this, Kontou organizes a Sensory Symposium on Tuesday 24 October where, among other things, designers and experts from the world of psychology, architecture, design, sound, smell and technology can exchange their visions, knowledge and findings on the importance of rest and introspection in our daily life – including in the workplace – and how Contemplation Spaces can contribute to this.
Designers, partners and potential investors are invited to participate in the symposium and to think about the future of these ‘experience spaces’.

Contemplation Spaces, 21 to 29 October, 10 am to 7 pm, The Student Hotel, Stationsweg 1, Eindhoven
Sensory Symposium, with follow-up, snack & drink, 24 October, 3.30-19, auditorium The Student Hotel, Stationsweg 1, Eindhoven

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