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Meet the Boon Chair by Lensvelt

the most comfortable hospitality chair
Meet the Boon Chair by Lensvelt

Introducing the Boon chair by Lensvelt: the most comfortable hospitality chair

Upgrade Your Hospitality Project with the Boon Chair by Lensvelt

Welcome, design enthusiasts! We're excited to introduce you to the Boon Chair, a design masterpiece crafted by Studio Piet Boon, and exclusively available at Lensvelt.

Explore the Boon Chair in Detail

The Boon Chair comes in two exquisite versions: Boon 01 (without armrests) and Boon 02 (with armrests). Both embody Studio Piet Boon's distinctive style, characterized by honest forms and robust proportions. Whether you're outfitting an upscale restaurant or a welcoming hotel, these chairs provide the perfect foundation for any space.

A Fusion of Comfort and Aesthetics

What sets the Boon Chair apart is its stunning design. The soft curves of its comfortable cushions and the oak frame combine to create an elegant silhouette, while clean lines maintain its robust character. The chair's back features a subtle bend for enhanced comfort and optimal support in daily use. Boon 2 seamlessly integrates armrests into its sleek and functional design.

Personalize with Exclusive Frame Colors and Custom Upholstery

Get inspired by four carefully selected colors from Studio Piet Boon's distinctive palette: chalk, shell, pebble, and coal. These shades beautifully complement other Studio Piet Boon products. What's even more exciting is that you have the flexibility to select fabric and frame color combinations that align with your unique style and vision. Create a Boon Chair that is uniquely yours.

Craftsmanship and Creativity in Harmony

The Boon Chair marries exceptional craftsmanship with boundless creativity, blending Lensvelt and Studio Piet Boon's expertise into every detail.

In the words of Piet Boon himself: "Lensvelt and Studio Piet Boon have combined their knowledge and craftsmanship to create a chair that exudes tranquility, with seating comfort as the starting point. Moreover, the design meets all the functional requirements applicable in a hospitality environment." This underscores that the Boon Chair not only embodies outstanding design but also perfectly aligns with the needs of the hospitality sector.

Outlet: exclusive Offer for Lensvelt and Piet Boon Fans

But that's not all! To wrap things up, we have an exclusive opportunity for you. Our showroom models, featured in our photoshoots, are now available in our outlet. This is your chance to acquire Lensvelt's Boon Chairs at irresistible prices. Act quickly, as stock in the Lensvelt showroom is limited!

Experience Comfort and Style with the Boon Chair

We are eager to enhance your hospitality project or lounge area with the timeless elegance of the Boon Chair. If you have any questions or need more information, please don't hesitate to contact us. Your comfortable and stylish seating solution is just a message away!

Contact us for more information on the Boon Chair and let us elevate your project with exceptional design and comfort!