Mexx Design Centre Amsterdam

Mexx Design Centre Amsterdam

To meet a growing need for space, the international fashion group Mexx bought the former headquarters of Nissan in 2000 and transformed it into the home of some four hundred fashion designers in a record time of five months. The London office Sevil Peach developed the interior concept, which is characterized by a relaxed mix of business-tailored workplaces and informal meeting and meeting rooms.

In the seventies the Indian Rattan Chadha started selling fabrics in the Netherlands. In 1980 he also started to produce clothing for dealers under the brand names Mustache and Emanuelle. From 1986, the company operated under the name Mexx and began international expansion with wholesalers, own stores and an internet store. Despite the enormous growth of the multinational, the company culture remained informal, partly due to the personal involvement of Rattan Chadha. At the same time, he set high standards for his employees, of which he expected involvement and productivity. This company culture then translated the originally Turkish designer Sevil Peach into a tailor-made interior concept. A variety of functional workspaces are combined with homely elements such as comfortable sofas, a library with coffee corner and colorful meeting rooms with the well-known brands Vitra, Lensvelt and Moooi.

Architecten: Sevil Peach Gence Associates,
Fotografie: Gary Turnbull


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