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2019 In contrast with the previous year we showed all new furniture in Milan

New Chesterfield was designed by Baranowitz + Kronenberg

Lazy Modernist and AVL Office chair both designed by Atelier van Lieshout

Felix chair was launched during the Salone del Mobile in 2019

New Balance sofa was designed by Fabio Novembre

Bar Baas our pop up restaurant with the Maarten Baas chair special edition

Modular supplied matching table lamps

Dinkey restaurant became BAR BAAS

The Dinky edition has matching upholstery and frame

2018 The concept of Nothing New entailed a presentation showing all used furniture to emphasize sustainability

Our own Lensvelt 'No Idea chair' was bought back on line

Stealth Cabinet, one of all time bestsellers was borrowed from a client

AVL Office chair styled according the nothing new concept by curator Maarten Spruyt

The Boring Collection tower was borrowed from the previous Milan presentation

Maarten Baas barstools and PH1 barstools (left) are 'dressed up' eclectically

Table T88A and chair MVS CN, the exclusive Maarten van Severen furniture was also vintage

2017 the launch of the Maarten Baas chairs with an award winning installation which definitely asked for attention

This catchy title explaines the concept of the installation

Maarten Baas 101 chair shows eight different shapes for the backrest

Winner of the Milano Design Award 2016, left; Maarten Baas, right; Hans Lensvelt

The chair shown at the Ventura Centrale presentation in all black

2016 Lensvelt wins Milan Design Award 2016 with The Boring Collection

According to the jury Lensvelt and Space Encounters Office for Architecture created the best concept of all 1600 exhibitors.

The exhibition concept was developed in collaboration with Space Encounters and students from KABK in The Hague.

The project is a simple but effective conceptual innovation which starts from turning a stereotype into a playful and engaging experience.

2015 the exclusive desk UNM shows a contrast in materials

UNM a chic desk with an industrial looking turning wheel


2014 The installation for the Maarten van Severen furniture was designed by O.M.A

MVS S88 has a steel frame, a leather backrest and a thick canvas cushion

Chaise longue CHL95 and the aluminum chair made out of one piece of material

2013 Presentation of the Studio Job furniture at the impressive Sala Cenacolo in Milan

Job Cabinet, Job Buffet and Job Desk, all quipped with golden details

Job Lamp with an oversized gold button

Studio Job, Job Smeets and Nienke Tynagel during the cocktail party

2012 Furnication-WWIII (world war three) celebrated 12.5 years of colaboration with atelier van Lieshout (AVL)

AVL Office chair and workbench presented in blue

Spider chair, first generation

Skull was presented outside next to the military inspired catering area

The ‘gigantic blue cannon’ stands symbolic for the powerful partnership between Lensvelt and AVL


Job Cabinet premiered in 2011

AVL office chairs and workbench

Job Cabinet with the oversized golden key was first presented in 2011

Crate cabinet by Mark van der Gronden