Nuclear Security Summit NSS Den Haag

Nuclear Security Summit NSS Den Haag

Obama in his best mood after summit AVL Presidential Chair.

“Truly … gezellig.” That was the summary that President Barack Obama gave the Nuclear Security Summit in The Hague, after two long days spent seated on a special edition of the Lensvelt AVL Office Chair.
A total of 58 world leaders sat on the chair, which was specially designed for the top performed with an increased back support for additional status, upholstered in “stone-grey dynamics silk ‘, and a white powder-coated base. The chair was selected as the best option by the organizers of the NSS because of its comfortable seat and the Dutch design.
The Lensvelt chair designed by Atelier van Lieshout received a lot of attention in the media. The Volkskrant (Dutch newspaper) devoted nearly half a page. They gave several speakers the opportunity including artist Joep van Lieshout. Although he would have preferred that they came to see his exhibition.

Not only Obama, even Angela Merkel, Prime Minister Mark Rutte and the beaming PM of the United Kingdom David Cameron felt right as rain on the AVL Presidential Chair. Lensvelt delivered a total of 116 of these luxury seats at the World Forum. Together with ‘Fraai projecten’ from Raamsdonksveer, ‘Alvero meubelverhuur’ and ‘Canoof vintage classics’ Lensvelt delivering masterpieces of Dutch design to the organisation of the Nuclear Security Summit on a rental basis, to acccomodate the budget.

NRC Handelsblad headlined “Shameless Promotion Holland works out well.” The newspaper was referring to the energetic way the Dutch cultural world had used this summit to promote Dutch art and culture. Hans Lensvelt is allowed to speak in this article as one of the ‘purveyors’ of Dutch Design. According to him, the nuclear summit is an excellent example for the Dutch government. Lensvelt: “The government always gives money to arts funding, it is much better to hire architects and designers.”


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