OC&C Strategy Consultants Rotterdam

OC&C Strategy Consultants Rotterdam

Robust, industrial and comfortable with these keywords worked Fokkema & Partners to the interior of the Rotterdam consulting firm OC & C. Columns were stripped and ceilings were left in view in order to get the crude concrete in sight. The roughness of these surfaces are contrasted with high quality finishes.
Boompjes, where the office of OC & C is located, has a rich history. After the second war was a big part of the buildings on this street in ruins. The first building erected on the promenade was the building of De Nederlandsche Bank. On the upper two floors Fokkema & Partners established the office of the consulting firm.

OC&C initially asked for a traditional workstation device. But an analysis of the work of the firm by Fokkema & Partners, led to an alternative plan in which open workplaces are combined with private sphere. This program was complemented by places where spontaneous meeting is facilitated. By concentrating the meeting and social spaces in the middle of the floor, the office has always enough liveliness, even when few workers are present. It was decided to simple lines and specific interior details that refer to the history of the former DNB office building, which dates back to the 50s. Lensvelt made to design workstations, so you can see the brutal finishing work frames (the console). Realization in 2015.

Architect: Fokkema & Partners www.fokkema-partners.nl

Photographer: Horizon Photoworks.

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