The clients are guests, the reactivation center is a care hotel. Diederendirrix designed the renovation of the care complex, Van Eijk & Van der Lubbe, the interior.

In the building from the seventies of the last century, an integrated care concept was realized for AxionContinu. The Domstate program consists of a care hotel for short-term rehabilitation with luxury care rooms, a research and treatment center, a restaurant and workplaces. All functions are organized around a patio that has been redecorated.

Everything is rehabilitation.
Within the architecture of diederendirrix architects Van Eijk & Van der Lubbe translated four themes into interior and use. Together with AxionContinu the substantive basis for the interior has been laid. The design by Van Eijk & Van der Lubbe encourages guests to do things and to be actively involved in strengthening. The themes that can be found in the design are: ‘It is a hotel, unless …’, ‘Outside colors’, ‘Outside introduction’ and ‘Rehabilitation is top sport’ can be felt throughout the building.

Rehabilitation is top sport.
Everything in Zorghotel Domstate revolves around rehabilitation. The goal of Van Eijk & Van der Lubbe is to make this as fun as possible. To motivate hotel guests and challenge them with an active look and playful elements in the design. Seduce to continue in the direction of your own independence.

Because of the modest appearance, the gray office furniture Boring van Lensvelt has been used. Among other things, 101 and 102 PP Chairs were mixed for the auditorium This 102 Upholstered Chair Armrests.

Architects: Van Eijk & Van der Lubbe,, Diederendirrix,
Photography: Jeroen van der Wielen

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