MOTI Breda

In 2008, the first museum for graphic design MOTI (Museum Of The Image) in the world was opened, designed by Hans van Heeswijk Architects.

The three buildings that make up the museum each have their own functions. On the ground floor there are three new exhibition halls, located around a courtyard that refers to the original situation. The two side rooms are neutral spaces that lend themselves well to changing exhibitions. Between these two rooms there is a playfully decorated room, which is grafted onto the youth. The hall at the foot of the spiral staircase adjoins the auditorium. The auditorium is located under the courtyard and is separated from the hall with a smoked glass wall and curtains. After all emptiness, the exhibition spaces around the auditorium provide a promising look. The history of the Dutch graphic design is exhibited here. The benchmark of art form and collection is the Dutch industrial revolution. With this, a genuine worship for Modernism begins in these cellars. The Gasthuiscomplex acts as a ‘facilitator’: it houses the foyer, the reception, the museum cafĂ© and office space. The former art library serves as an ‘explorator’: here the museum shop, knowledge lab, the workshop, the depot and the studio are housed. The new building provides the ‘exposure’: six exhibition halls and an auditorium have been realized here.

Architects : Hans van Heeswijk Architects,
Photography: Frans Strous, Eline Bagger (MOTI Hotel).

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