Asona supplies materials for sound absorption and sound insulation. The company can make entire discos invisible to the outside world or significantly reduce the noise in factory halls.

The acoustic ceilings play a major role here. They have also been installed in the Asona office.

The company would like to show how well the ceilings are doing their job, the office had to be equipped with furniture that does not have a sound-damping effect of its own. That is why we opted for the minimal furniture from Lensvelt. White desks from Not A Big Thing, known for their slender design. A large AVL Workbench as a table. And a whole lot of white Stealth cabinets from Wiel Arets, which, due to their large capacity, provide sufficient storage space so that even drawers for the employees are not necessary.

Hans Lensvelt: “It is a beautiful building. The spacious office space with that green, wide view is perfectly proportionate, not stuffed with all sorts of nonsensical things. There is a lot of space, and space is luxury. I am very proud of this design. ”

Architects : I love Architecture,
Photography: Allard van der Hoek.