Interpolis Tilburg

Veldhoen + Company has been closely involved in the design of the Interpolis head office in Tilburg.

Veldhoen + Company is a pioneer in the Netherlands in the design of flexible workplaces in office buildings. Their concept was implemented on a large scale in 1996 in the Interpolis office in the Netherlands, where nobody has their own workspace. The flexible spaces required for this purpose have been developed in collaboration with, among others, Nel Verschuuren of Kho Liang Ie Associates, designers Marcel Wanders, Piet Hein Eek and artist Joep van Lieshout.

The AVL Office Chair was specially developed because no desk and conference chair could be found that matched the AVL products. The AVL Office Chair is the example of minimalism. Due to the straight, clean lines, the AVL Office Chair not only fits the AVL line, but in almost every office, work, reception and meeting room. The AVL Office Chair is height-adjustable and has a well thought-out tilting mechanism that makes a long work and meeting day a comfortable fit.

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