Musis Sacrum Arnhem

The old extension from the ’80s by Musis Sacrum has been demolished and has made way for a beautiful new multifunctional room. The Parkzaal has been the new home of Het Gelders Orkest since May 2017.

Since 1847 there has been constant activity in and around the Musis Sacrum, with the concert hall and the surroundings taking on a range of forms that reflect the needs of its operators, city officials and residents. The project consists of the renovation of the existing monument and the new extension with the great hall and supportive functions.
The decoration in the public space is remarkable: beautiful wooden wall finishing, especially the lamellar wall decorations with green color schemes are striking. With a golden brown sheen, they are in harmony with the colors of the park. In the large entrance, the beige Portuguese slate concrete forms a beautiful contrast with six black leather AVL Glyder Poufs of 400 * 70 cm.

Underground the material use is aligned to the building, with a lot of clean concrete, extremely sober and tight. But it is richly filled with special and recognizable furniture lines. The office spaces are filled with Boring Program and Stealth Cabinets in Boring Gray. The dressing rooms are equipped with black AVL Visit Chairs in leather, with matte black four-piece chassis made to measure. The common living areas are decorated with black PH1 bar stools and AVL Office Chairs around the copper tables.

Architects : van Dongen-Koschuch,
Photographer: Bart van Hoek