International Design Award 2017 in the Best Floor Cover Design category. The Beijing-based designer Henny van Nistelrooy received the Chinese edition of the prize for the Eclipse carpets he designed for TAN Carpets, Beijing.

Vlnr: Sun Xin Xi, chief editor Elle Decoration China; Henny van Nistelrooy, studio HVN; Zhang Qi director TAN Carpets.

Model Lo from the award-winning Eclipse carpet collection.

Revolver applied in the Long March Space gallery in Beijing.

The Bauhaus façade of the Long March Space Gallery in Beijing.

The entrance to the Long March Space Gallery in Beijing

In addition, HVN transformed a former Bauhaus style factory in Long March Space gallery, a leading gallery of the bustling arts district of the Chinese capital. Van Nistelrooy designed the entire interior, including the display and storage system Revolver, which is produced by Lensvelt.

Slim systeem
This place fits Revolver as molded. The office, VIP and meeting rooms of Long March Space are equipped with this ingenious, smart, flexible and user-friendly system that derives its name from the possibility to turn the shelves of this cupboard (‘to revolve’).

For example, the boards can not only be placed statically and horizontally, but can be hooked into the cantilever frame so that the system can be adjusted to every wish with super speed and ease.
A flat shelf provides maximum storage space for clothes, books or binders; an upright shelf forms an ideal display for magazines, for example.

And without stuff, Revolver is just a geometric work of art.

The storage and display system fits seamlessly with the rhythm and symmetry of the interior of the Long March Space gallery.
The desks and tables designed by Van Nistelrooy fit perfectly with the revolving system of white powder coated sheet metal. The interior thus forms a flexible and coherent whole.

Lensvelt himself also used Revolver in his own studio on the Herengracht in Amsterdam, with vertically installed shelves.

Revolver in use in the Lensvelt studio in Amsterdam

Empty Revolver in Lensvelt’s studio in Amsterdam

Revolver in combination with Lensvelt’s Job Cabinet and Job Buffet in a residential home in Amsterdam

The Revolver system in an Amsterdam residence

Studio HVN
Henny van Nistelrooy founded Studio HVN in 2009 after obtaining his master’s degree in Design Products at the Royal College of Art in London. In 2012 he moved his studio to Beijing. Here he works for, among others, the British Fashion Council, Colette and Lensvelt.