Richard Hutten This Bucket Chair Steel frame

Richard Hutten This Bucket Chair Steel frame

Richard Hutten This Bucket Chair Steel frame provided with a steel four-legged chassis.

There was a need for a new, distinctive chair with armrests. A chair with the same design language as the elegant, stackable and lightweight bestseller: This Chair, which Hutten developed in 2004 together
with Lensvelt. It became This Bucket Chair in 2017. This instant classic has a familiar typology: the tub. But then with a new appearance and production process. Lensvelt and Hutten have done extensive research on ergonomics and comfort. This Bucket Chair is better than any other chair. A special plastic has been used: the same material that car manufacturers use for the bumpers of cars. The combination of this material and the positioning of the mounting points ensures that the scale moves with respect to the frame. This makes the chair ingenious, aesthetic,flexible, elegant, functional, affordable, circular and extremely comfortable.

Width outer size: 58,5 cm
Width inside size: 40 cm
Total depth: 53 cm
Seat depth: 40 cm
Total height: 78 cm
Height armrests: 67 cm
Seat height: 47 cm

Designer: Richard Hutten (2017)

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