Richard Meier CHTH Desk

Richard Meier CHTH Desk

CCHTH stands for City Hall The Hague.
A furniture line that is derived from the city hall in The Hague, built by Richard Meier. This building is characterized by a nice balance between exterior and interior, hard and soft, open and closed. This harmony is also reflected in the furniture of CHTH: hard (steel) and soft (wood) form a balanced ensemble. The desk is equipped with closed sides. This gives a sense of privacy. At the same time, a harmonious whole is created with the rectangular form language of work and trays.

The side walls are standard with 5 cm in width in steel and contain the mechanism to adjust the height with a crank. A manual or electrical adjustment are optional with other widths. The furniture is also available as a standing table.

Cable entries with cable ducts are also possible. Cable entries with a simple geometric decoration allow computers and other devices to be easily connected to the built-in cable tray.

CHTH is extremely suitable as a meeting and management furniture by using various sheet materials.

Design: Richard Meier (1995).

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