Atelier Van Lieshout as a main thread

Rijnboutt worked together with Fokkema & Partners and Lensvelt on the remarkable interior of their brand new office on the Moermanskkade in Amsterdam. The design agency immediately fell for the outspoken furniture of Atelier Van Lieshout (AVL) for Lensvelt, that even designed special ‘Tree Tables’. Now AVL runs through the 1600 m2 building like a red thread.


AVL Office Chairs and AVL Workbench
Rijnboutt wanted maximum attention for comfortable furniture for both visitors and employees. Project contractor Lensvelt thought along and supplied furniture that fits the robust location. The sturdy AVL Office Chairs, upholstered in black leather and cow print leather, and the black leather-covered AVL Koker Chairs for the glass meeting rooms, fit like a tailor made suit.



Left: AVL Lazy Modernist. Right: AVL Office Chairs and Workbench
To match the predominantly black and white tones Lensvelt opted for a green and a blue space with a few idiosyncratic eye catchers: the AVL Workbench and AVL Koker Chairs. The AVL Lazy Modernist, together with the AVL SPR Cathedra Lounger, invites you to relax, enjoy the panoramic view over the IJ and get inspired.

AVL Office Chairs and Cathedra Loungers upholstered with cow and black leather

Rijnboutt designed large polyester tables with embedded planters, matching the AVL Lensvelt line. Piet Hein Eek’s round stools on wheels are also custom made. They can be stored away under the desks and can be taken out during brief office consultations.


AVL Koker Chairs upholstered with black leather and custom made Tree Table

Custom made Tree Table with AVL Office and Koker Chairs with black leather
“When you bring together eighty employees of two branches in a brand new building, it’s a huge advantage that we are architects: we can realise our ideal office”, says Frederik Vermeesch, one of the five architect directors. “Together with Lensvelt, important concepts such as cooperation, transparency and flexibility were translated in a clever and original way into the interior. Here we created silence places, war rooms, meeting rooms, flex workplaces, an open work floor, a scale model room and a library.”

Custom made Tree Table and Piet Hein Eek stools
About Rijnboutt
Since last summer, the multidisciplinary design agency in the field of architecture, urban design and landscape is housed on the fourth and fifth floor of a building on the Moermanskkade in the Western Docklands of Amsterdam. The agency works on complex urban tasks with a mix of functions such as offices, homes and retail. These include the redevelopment of the post office at the Neude in Utrecht, the Catherinasteeg in Leiden, the ‘Kop van Cruquius’ and the Citroën Noord building at the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam, and the flagship stores of Hudson’s Bay in Amsterdam, Tilburg, Breda and Amstelveen.
About Lensvelt
Lensvelt is an engaged non-design furniture label and project contractor based at the Herengracht in Amsterdam. Since its founding in 1962, Lensvelt has been offering architects and interior architects the means to make ever better interiors. Lensvelt collaborates with over 150 high-quality designers and labels.

AVL Lazy Modernist
From €2.133,00 incl. VAT

AVL Workbench
From €2.201,00 incl. VAT

AVL Office Chair
From €804,00 incl. VAT

AVL Koker Chair
From €545,00 incl. VAT