Sony Music Entertainment

Sony Music Entertainment

Sony Music Entertainment has always been located in Hilversum Media Park. But times are changing, and according to Sony Music Entertainment, this is no longer the place where a modern record company should be. In 2017 Sony Music Entertainment moved to Amsterdam’s A’DAM Tower.

Sony Music Entertainment Netherlands is one of the largest music and entertainment groups in the world, with international superstars under contract.

Space Encounters designed an interior that is a cool hangout for artists like to come and for the 40 employees of Sony Music in Amsterdam.

The colors gray and green, are the most prominent features in the headquarters of Sony Music. While work and play often mix in the music industry, they wanted to create two clear realms: with green for play / relaxation and gray for all the loose circular office furniture.

The Boring Collection from Lensvelt fits perfectly with the rugged concrete construction, which has been deliberately left in sight and plays an important role in the interior. With the gray powder coated steel archetypal Boring set # 1: a Boring desk, Boring Task Chair, Boring Bin and Boring Cabinet, a Sony employee creates a subdued but far from boring place where (s)he can work in concentration, with a view of the IJ.

For the green environment, Lensvelt supplied the ideal relax armchairs: the green upholstered AVL Lazy Modernists by Joep van Lieshout, supplemented with modern classics from the Lensvelt collection such as the Maarten Baas 101 Chair, AVL Office Chair, AVL Koker Chair, AVL SPR Cathedra Lounger, AVL Workbench, WH Gispen 205 Chair and Ronald Hooft PH1 Barstool.

Architects: Space Encounters,
Photography: Peter Tijhuis


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