The Boring Collection arose out of frustration from the young architects Space Encounters.

During the recession, especially young architects often created agencies based on no cure no pay presentations for real estate owners.

The ambitious Space Encounters was one of those young architectural firms.

These presentations were used to rent the premises, mostly offices.

When eventually such a building was let out, the tenant of the property owner of the building often received an incentive in the form of a new floor, new walls, a new ceiling and a new reception.

The tenant then went in search of a set-up of the back offices.

The tenants were companies such as car rentals and supermarket chains.

Organizations that see a device mainly as a cost item.

These organizations then bought the most awful furniture: a cacophony of colors, shapes and materials.

The furniture ruined the complete concept.
Because the decision criterion was price, and there was no alternative that looked good and affordable, Space Encounters came up with the Boring Collection.

Also very cheap. Made from archetype products. Which Lensvelt had previously produced, but all executed in the same color gray: RAL 7044.

The Boring Collection is a collection that is nothing. Which does not make a statement. And that disappears in every interior.
The Boring collection was presented in 2016 at the Salone de Mobile in Milan.
And received the highly prestigious Milano Design Award 2016 for the best concept.

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The Boring collection in the Stedelijk Museum
‘S Hertogenbosch during the exhibition “De Laatste Avant Garde”.
The world’s first trade fair presentation that ended up in a design museum.

Stedelijk Museum ’s-Hertogenbosch
Museum of contemporary art and design