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Egon Zehnder Amsterdam

The interior of Egon Zehnder office in Amsterdam was designed by Fokkema & Partners offers its customers and consultants of the Executive Search and Talent Management consulting a comfortable and intimate experience. It is a modern villa-style setting with magnificent views. Applied materialization is warm but subdued and detailing is robust, the whole office offers a sense of luxury without excess. To design Fokkema & Partners used its gas spring adjustable desks. And for this project delivered custom screen partitions and Stealth cabinets. For offices, meeting and conference rooms are in this building furniture products Lensvelt and other brands with various materials and colors surprisingly matched. Realization 2015.

Architects: Fokkema & Partners,
Photographer: Horizon Photoworks


CIPD Hoofdkantoor Wimbledon

CIPD is in Engeland de grootste organisatie gespecialiseerd in personeelsmanagement en ontwikkeling. Eind 2004 werd het hoofdkantoor op Wimbledon Broadway ingericht met geluiddempende Stealth kasten van Lensvelt. Het gebouw is een modern, licht en open, vijf verdiepingen tellende gebouw waarin 350 personeelsleden werken. De door GMW Architects ontworpen hoofdkantoor van het Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) is in Engeland het eerste gebouw welke een deel van zijn energie kan leveren door middel van ter plaatse duurzame opwekking.

Architecten: GMW Architects,
Fotografie: Peter Cook

Speciale Projecten

Novartis Campus Forum 3 Basel

Novartis Campus in Basel is internationaal een betekenisvolle plek van kennis en innovatie. Roger Diener, Helmut Federle en Gerold Wiederin ontwierpen en realiseerde in 2005 het eerste gebouw, het Forum 3. Immens grote gekleurde glazen panelen zijn in meerdere lagen rond het gebouw toegepast. De panelen reageren op het licht op bepaalde tijden van de dag en in verschillende weersomstandigheden.

Sevil Peach Gence Associates was de architect bij het ontwerp en de realisatie van een moderne en hoogwaardige werkomgeving. Binnen zijn kantoor landschappen toegepast, een mix van open ruimtes en vergaderkamers. Vanwege esthetische en functionele eigenschappen koos Sevil Peach doelbewust voor de Stealth kasten van Lensvelt.

Architecten: Sevil Peach Gence Associates,
Fotografie: Christian Richters.

Speciale Projecten

Multi Corporation Amsterdam

Multi Corporation Corporation is a leading owner, manager and (re) developer of high-end shopping malls in Europe and Turkey, due to a merger and a wish to grow it was time for a move to Amsterdam in 2015. The new building had to allow meeting and interaction to stimulate cooperation and ideas.
The furniture UNM, designed by Nina Graziosi, together with the Stealth cabinets, perfectly matches together with the Stealth cabinets due to its tight design and material use.

Architects: Graziosi Progetti,

Photographer: bram


Musea, Speciale Projecten

Garage Museum Moscow LLC Park Development

Located in Moscow’s Gorky Park, the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art has opened in the end of 2015 to the public for the first time.
The building, which has been designed by Rem Koolhaas’ international studio OMA architects, hosts the gallery of Russian business person and art collector Dasha Zhukova. The project sees the renovation and reuse of the 1960s Vremena Goda Pavilion, with a new program containing diverse exhibition, learning, research and event space configured to showcase the best contemporary russian culture.

The interior facilitates two levels of exhibition areas as well as a creative center for children, a shop, a café, an auditorium and a variety of offices.
The new building is a groundbreaking preservation project that has transformed the famous Seasons of the Year (Soviet Modernist restaurant built in 1968), into a contemporary museum.
The new armchairs are copies of the original 1960s. Together with the project architect of OMA Ekaterina Golovatyuk and architect Timur Shabaev, the chairs were produced by Lensvelt Contract specially for the museum café and restaurant. Large 1960’s armchairs are deliberately chosen for the atmosphere to relax the guests, the tables are moved a little further apart so that everyone can talk freely without loud music. On the backside, the armchairs with large zippers are designed to store the folders in a slipcover. The choice of the two different upholstery was accomplished with Suzanne Demisch from New York.
Architecten: OMA,
Photograper: Rochan Kumar Assistant of General Director LLC Park Development.

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Lab City CentraleSupélec, Paris

OMA’s first scientific building laboratory and technical school, Lab City CentraleSupélec in Paris Saclay, was completed in September of 2017.

OMA’s design is based on an open learning landscape in a transparent box.
The building is part of a larger urban planning scheme, which also encompasses the surrounding area. OMA designed a diagonal street, which runs from the future subway station to the nearby Supelec school. This line continues in the new building as the main walkway.

Instead of a classical lab with venues and hallways, “lab city” is conceived as an open landscape, meant to stimulate transparency and interaction between the various ranks.

The building is designed as a rectangular low-rise building with a glass roof. Only the core, the so-called Forum, has a stacked volume. This section contains the atrium and features such as a sports hall and offices.
A main artery runs through the center of the complex, linking a neighboring technical facility to the location of a future subway station.
A network of smaller passages connects with this main road, which forms the basis of the city grid.

Offices, laboratories, a library and a restaurant are designed on this grid, with blocks in different sizes. There is also a plaza-like space filled with tables and chairs, an amphitheater style auditorium and a number of elevated terraces.
The cognac coloured Blocks seats and chairs are designed in collaboration with OMA Architects.

Realization mid 2017.
Architecten: OMA,
Photographers: Philippe Ruault & Vitor Oliveira


Brede school Houthaven

Marlies Rohmer’s design for the Broad School Houthaven Amsterdam is inspired by the architecture of the Amsterdam School. The building accommodates two existing primary schools, a day care, after school care, business premises, a catering area and kindergartens.
They made use of sustainable materials. The materials in the classrooms – glass, concrete, smooth stucco – reflects all the noise. This gave the acoustic damping special attention. The solution was to place 6 row high stealth cabinets.
The community school Houthaven will form the link between the old and the new Spaarndammer Houthaven. Houthaven is a location where freighters from all over the world unloading their tree trunks a century ago and is (as seen from the IJ) behind the Silodam.
Realisation: 2014

Architects: Architects Marlies Rohmer,
Photographer: Floor Hoogenboezem


Toyota Material Handling the Netherlands

Lensvelt delivered Studio 2 Duo, That Chairs and Stealth Cabinets at the new headquarters of Toyota Material Handling in the Netherlands. The company is part of the worldwide Toyota group and has its establishment in Ede (Gelderland).
Realisation: 2013

Architects: Rempt van der Donk Architecten,
Photgrapher: Menno Emmink.


Speciale Projecten

Kennedy van der Laan Advocaten



Leidsche Rijn College

Speciale Projecten

SP Hoofdkwartier Amersfoort

Headquarters of the Dutch Socialist Party (SP) in Amersfoort is designed by De Twee Snoeken Architects. The 100% sustainable interiors are delivered by Canoof upcycled desks and Lensvelt filing cabinets. With its transparent facade and clearly laid office building looks modern, sleek and sober. The headquarters is therefore the same no-nonsense character as the SP has in politics.

Architects: De Twee Snoeken,
Photographer: Norbert van Onna.



Valid Eindhoven


Unesco IHE Delft




RTV Rijnmond





Speciale Projecten

CBS Heerlen



Maarten van Severen, mvs-projecten, Theaters

Casa da Musica Porto



Office, Speciale Projecten

OMA Rotterdam Office for Metropolitan Architecture

The head office of world-renowned architect Rem Koolhaas in Rotterdam is partly furnished with furniture by Lensvelt. The office of OMA (Office for Metropolitan Architecture) has been based in Rotterdam since 1981. The building has Stealth sliding doors, MOBP Office Chairs and That Chairs of Richard Hutten.

Architects: OMA,
Photography: Frans Strous



Asona Benelux


Speciale Projecten





CBS Leidschenveen

Casper Schwarz was commissioned by CBS to make a complete design based on the following: realize an open and transparent working environment that makes both concentration and communication possible. C4ID designed in 2008 a basic office concept that can be implemented on all floors, suitable for all departments. Fixed workplaces, shared facilities in the middle zone, inviting consultation rooms, separate break rooms and sufficient storage facilities. Apart from materialisation and use of color, a zone has been divided in which all desired facilities are included. Here, acoustics, light and vision play an important role. In connection with the acoustics of the sound-damping Stealth sliding door cabinets of Lensvelt were used.

Architects: Casper Schwarz,
Photography: Frans Strous